Little changes, big hopes

It's occurred to me lately – especially with the onset of the annual holiday Eat-A-Thon – that I have the choice to eat or not eat certain things. Imagine that! As many of you know I lost 30 pounds this year – holding at 153ish (add that to the "What I'm thankful for" List, category: Health!) – with the help of Weight Watchers Online. It's amazing to me how that process made me think so much more carefully about what I was putting in my body, what it might do to me, and if it was really worth it to me. I've maintained my weight loss a few months, but starting at Halloween I really started to fall off the wagon in terms of healthy eating. I got into the habit of swapping out foods that were good for me for ones that are, well, peanut butter M&Ms, Reese's cups, cookies, pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing … the list could go on. Yes, I can maintain my weight loss through eating only moderate amounts of junk food. But do I really want to do that?

Over the summer we had our second miscarriage. It was a devastating blow. While the pregnancy itself was a surprise, it made us take a look at our lives and start The Serious Talk about when we'd like to have another baby. And if I'm being honest? We'd like to start trying soon. Since I've had multiple miscarriages I've run to Dr. Google many times about how I can prevent another one. The short answer is that I can't do much. Miscarriage is what it is: The body ends pregnancies that are not viable (in most cases). Since we have had the blessing of a healthy pregnancy and baby, our doctor thinks that we will be able to do it again without intervention. He also explained to me how common miscarriages are, and that a lot of times when you see a family with a lot of kids, there is at least one miscarriage represented there. For whatever reason, that comforted me (Our new OB Dr. G is wonderful, by the way!).

At the same time, I want to take control over my health. I want to be healthier and feel better in general, yes, but also? If I'm being honest? I want to be in the best position possible to support a healthy term pregnancy. And so I'm trying to make some little changes that maybe? Will go a long way for baby number two, should he or she be conceived any time soon.

I've already mentioned that I've been working really hard at remembering my daily multivitamin and have been making the effort to drink more water. I'm also trying to cut back on artificial flavorings and sweeteners (and it also makes me feel better to feed my daughter these things), to add more fresh foods to our diet and cook more things at home, and maybe just maybe one day I'll be able to cut my two cups of coffee a day down to one. MAYBE. I'm also cutting myself off from buying 12-packs of croissants at Costco and dousing one in Nutella for breakfast every day and switching back to Normal Person Breakfast Foods such as oatmeal with fruit, homemade pumpkin bread with light cream cheese, and yogurt.

Here are some of my fave revelations in the Healthy(ish) Dept. as of late:


1. Hansen's Natural Cane Soda – No high fructose corn syrup! I know, I know soda is BAD … especially "regular" soda full of sugar. But sometimes I just NEED it, OHKAAAY?

2. Bob's Red Mill Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal – I sprinkle this on my cereal or oatmeal in the morning and add it to my yogurt for extra fiber and omega-3s. Apparently you can also add it to things you're baking to make them All Sneaky Healthy! I haven't tried this yet but plan to.

3. Trader Joe's Organic Greek Style Nonfat Yogurt – This comes in plain, honey, and vanilla flavor. Sydney and I both enjoy it topped with strawberries and/or blueberries, sometimes a little honey.

4. Homemade chicken noodle soup – This recipe is so easy: Just boil a pound or two of boneless, skinless chicken in a big pot of lightly salted water (I used dark meat bc that's what I had in the freezer), remove and dice the chicken, sautee carrots, onions, celery and a little garlic in olive oil in a separate pan then add to the pot with a bag of No Yolks egg noodles. Add the chicken, salt and pepper to taste, and simmer about ten minutes or until the noodles are tender. Serve with crusty bread. So comforting and good!

Cooking at home with whole foods really does help you control what you put in your body, and soup is such an easy way to do it. I recently made the Pioneer Woman's Carrot and Squash Curry Soup which we LOVED. I also like to make little salads at home (and yes, toasted baguette with melted brie on top. BUSTED). I love cooking and baking and I have an entire blog devoted to that very subject, by the way. If you want to check it out it's called Feed Your Inner Fat Kid. Oh dear.

So I know you guys have more tips and tricks for me as I jump aboard the Healthy Train. Please do share!!


3 thoughts on “Little changes, big hopes

  1. Mountain Momma says:

    Or you could just say – fuck it, I’m going to get fat anyway when I get pregnant again anyways so why deprive myself now?
    I’m 2 months and feeling incredibly large – not pregnant looking, just fat. Blah!

  2. Elsha says:

    I’ve found that I drink LOTS more water if I carry it around in a Nalgene. I guess having so much with me all the time just makes it easier? Plus I don’t have to worry about Kalena spilling it.

  3. barbetti says:

    This is exactly how I feel. Exactly. I’m glad I opened this up from my reader as I type up a similar blog post.

    You make beautiful babies, you need to populate the world with them!

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