Well my sister is blogging.

And Style Lush is blogging.

But me? Eh, not so much. I don't have time what with all the desserts around here that need eating.


Oh and the presents that need wrapping and the dogs that need disciplining and the floors that need mopping and the baby that needs hugs and kisses (and a bulb syringe because she has a runny nose/head cold, as do I. John is just getting over PRE-NEUMONIA bronchitis. And yes, he left off that first part when he reported to me about his doctor's visit last week. I'm being a nice wife and waiting until he's fully recovered and all his grading is done before I TOTALLY KICK HIS ASS).


Hope you're surviving the holidays and rolling around in cookies and surrounded by loved ones and getting some rest. The last family member – my mom – arrives at our house in two days and the festivities will finally be in full swing! I am so excited to have Christmas with us all and our toddler. She's already tried attacking the wrapped presents under the tree, so I'm expecting a throwdown when the presents really and truly come out. I CAN'T WAIT!


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