Johnny’s Top 10

2009 Top Moments with Mr. Inside Dog

10. His "frustration" with my weight loss and his complaints that I was "getting too skinny."

9. How he encouraged me to keep working and sacrificed his two hours off per day to care for our daughter so I could go to the school to coach my team.

8. The constant, unrelenting work he did at three jobs to keep the fridge and pantry full to overflowing, Sydney in diapers, and even a little fun for me at Target sometimes.

7. A $68 phone call from Dubai (21 minutes worth) just because he missed me and needed to hear my voice.

6. He tirelessly thanks and affirms me for the little things (like doing laundry, grocery shopping, cooking).

5. How he never misses an opportunity to remind me that I'm his best friend, I'm a good mama, and how much me loves me.


4. When he walks in the door after an early morning meeting with my favorite Mexican Mocha in his hand and a kiss for me (even though I'm a wreck still in my pajamas).

3. Crying over the scrapbook he made me for Christmas.

2. Going on our first date in forever to Avatar and smooching in the line, laughing at the "wrong" moments in the movie, and talking our heads off about storytelling afterward.

1. He prays over me every night, even if I'm already asleep. I have heard him praying for me in my dreams.


(Inspired by this post.)


9 thoughts on “Johnny’s Top 10

  1. Emily says:

    I love this, Manda. I love how you can write about John without sounding drippy and sappy – I love love love how happy you two make each other. It’s fabulous.

  2. melody a. huddle says:

    I pray everyday for the Blessings of my 4 kids. I have the best son and daughter and the best daughter-law and the best son-in law.Prayer never goes void. Now to the best 2 grandchildren in the whole wide world. Thank you precious Jesus for hearing my prayers. Lovingly momma and grandma.

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