Seven caffeinated quick takes on Sunday

1. So apparently this morning a kitchen cabinet door fell off its hinges and hit my husband on the head.


(We have LARGE, SOLID WOOD cabinets)

And so I hope this explains why you will probably never see any photos of our home gracing the pages of any style websites anytime soon.

(And I will also say for the record that if it had been me who had been hit with the cabinet door? I would have once and for all sledgehammered our entire outdated, crumbling kitchen to bits by this time of day. Also? I would have cried. A lot.)

(He's ok, by the way.)

2. Last night my friend's husband threw a surprise 30th birthday party for her at a dive bar not far from our house. It was about the cutest thing EVER. My friend is really into "rockabilly" style and everyone was encouraged to dress like a 50's hipster (I, of course, could only get it together enough to get myself a new pair of earrings at Forever 21 and tuck my jeans into my boots), he had a friend's band play all her favorite rock n' roll songs, and before she arrived in a limo with her closest girlfriends – she was under the guise of having a girls' night out in Hollywood – he commented to us that he wouldn't be able to have fun until his wife was there to enjoy her party. I ALMOST DIED FROM THE CUTENESS. It is really nice to know that there's another couple out there, who have three kids and have been married ten years by the way, who are crazy-in-love buddies like we are. When she arrived looking ADORABLE she was absolutely shocked and blown away by her party. It was a blast to watch!

3. And watch I did. It turns out that I've become very low key at a party where I don't know a lot of people in my old age. I had a lot of fun sitting at a table flirting with my husband, eating TWO tables worth of chips and salsa, and watching the, uh, silent version of a Hallmark movie featuring Keri Russell and Skeet Ulrich that happened to be on (I'm sure it was accidental) one of the bar's television sets. We were home by 10:30 to get the babysitter home and were perfectly satisfied to have been the fuddy duddies on the sidelines.

4. We were ready for bed by 11:30 last night. Which makes it kinda sucky that Syd woke up when I went in to check on her one last time before I turned in. She got HYSTERICAL, which is very unusual for her. There was no Crying It Out to be had. John went back in to try to calm her down and she sat up and shouted "YUM!" and made the sign for "more" … which is our house means FEED ME SEYMOUR! Well ok! She ate half a cereal bar, had a swig of milk, and when he put her back down again (with the rest of the cereal bar IN HER BED, HEAVEN HELP ME) she melted down again. I went back in for my turn and ended up rocking her for over an hour and putting her down still awake. She got MAD. But I was too tired to do anything else for her, and after about 25 minutes of whimpering she finally calmed down and went back to sleep.

5. Which means that 6:50 am – when my alarm went off this morning – HURT. I hit snooze FOR AN HOUR. John gets Syd up and fed for me on Sunday mornings, thank goodness. He brought her to our room and planted her in the pack-n-play while I showered and dressed and when I got out of the shower I found that he'd left a big cup of coffee with cream and sugar by my makeup bag. YAY! (and yes, this is after he got hit in the head by the errant cabinet door.) I chugged that coffee like it was going out of style. And then drank two caffeinated cups of tea with honey at church.  By the time I got back home at around 11:30 to put Sydney down for her nap I was shaking I was so wired. Which means that during naptime? I got three loads of laundry done, made a batch of enchiladas, baked pumpkin bread, and collected all the assorted sippy cups and dishes from all over the house and started the dishwasher. GO ME! GO CAFFEINE! AHHHHH!

6. And now? At 3:30 pm? I'm totally crashing. I have resorted to Elmo DVDs because I am too tired to play kitchen or keep my daughter from climbing up the bookcase.

7. Which brings me to an ELMO PROBLEM. Elmo calls the plural version of "fish" … "FISHES!" And I hate to break it to you Elmo, but I was an English major and I can assure you that here in America the plural version of the word "fish" is most definitely "FISH" and I really do not appreciate you teaching my child THE WRONG PLURALITY. But I do appreciate how you've allowed me to write this entire list uninterrupted while lying on the couch under a blanket with no one trying to pound on my computer. We'll call it a Mulligan.

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3 thoughts on “Seven caffeinated quick takes on Sunday

  1. Natalie says:

    Perhaps when you’re done sledgehammering your kitchen I could borrow said sledgehammer? Because my kitchen is about to kill me dead. And Elmo and I are about to go to war over Elmo’s Song because EARWORM.

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