Wednesday mishmash

An update: Sydney is doing fine today after yesterday's topple. She has a huge black and blue knot on her head that is tempting me to cut bangs but otherwise she is back to her crazy climbing-on-the-furniture self.


A complaint: This dog woke me up at one in this morning to be let out to POOP. He is very fortunate that there's a door to the backyard in our bedroom and that he's a lovable old coot who never causes me any grief peeing or pooping inside. Like the other one.



I put up a super-easy skillet cookie recipe at FYIFK. If you have an iron skillet and love cookies, this recipe won't disappoint!

For your reference, I post at Style Lush on Thursdays. Here's my post from last week about my fancy (CHEAP) new earrings. How I love thee, Forever 21.

And finally, a promise:

I have just finished reading this post and this post about winter snow to the east. I will never, ever complain about "chilly" or "rainy" California winter weather again (although I will admit to owning Ugg boots, regularly running my heater at night, the presence of two space heaters in our home, and the five blankets currently on my bed). Stay warm my Eastern peeps!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday mishmash

  1. ANNIE says:

    As long as I live I will never understand why the build those Doorways To Nowhere on the play structures. ESPECIALLY up on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Watching my children toddle by them…well, there are no words. But I know you know what I mean. I’m glad little Syd is okay, absent the goose egg, and know she’ll be back climbing around well before your mommy heart is ready to see her do it. xo

  2. Morgan S. says:

    I agree with Annie – WHY do they have those ledges on the play structures?! I am always standing under them, repeating over and over “stay away from the edge!” while my girls smile and teeter. Boo.

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