Seven positive quick takes.

1. On Valentine's Day I was a spoiled girl! Not only did I get a dozen beautiful red roses,


I also got red tea kettle!

(And a 2-hour long special America's Funniest Home Videos AND a 2-hour Extreme Home Makeover! And I watched IT ALL without moving a centimeter off the couch!)

2. I found my long-lost beloved favorite black stretchy pants! I cannot convey to you the depth of sadness I have felt since CHRISTMAS when I wake up on "one of those days" where pants that button simply will not do only to find that my fave pants are NO MORE. For a year or so I've had these fave Adidas yoga pants (which are not pajama pants and therefore are acceptable to wear out of the house to do errands, go to the playground, etc.) on standby. And then one day? I couldn't find them. I emptied drawers, tore apart my closet time after time, upturned the garage and the Goodwill bag, they had just disappeared. I whined about it for a good month before I finally dragged myself to Ross to find a suitable replacement. I got another pair of stretchy black pants but they were just not the same.

I was whining about it again to my husband as I stood disgruntled in front of my closet and decided to paw through my hanging pants again. AND THERE THEY WERE. They'd been hanging in my closet ALL ALONG. If I wasn't so happy to reunited with my stretchy pants I would probably be flicking myself off in the mirror right now for BEING SUCH AN IDIOT.

3. I have rediscovered the joy of cheese quesadillas this week. Yesterday I made one in the skillet (instead of cheating and making it in the microwave like I usually do) and BOY HOWDY was it good! I dipped the sucker in salsa and saved a few slices for Syd to go with her dinner. She totally chowed down!! And yes, THAT my friends, is what I shall eat for lunch AGAIN today. Suck on THAT, "things that thou shalt not blog about"!

4. Yesterday the love of my life turned 35.

I am so thankful he was born!

5. This morning I heard the sound of a lawnmower in my back yard, and looked out the window to see that a gardener was working on my lawn. Uh, we don't have a gardener. But there was no way I was going to stop those guys if it was a mistake!!

6. Dudes, Words With Friends on the iPhone is SO FUN. I am not very good, but I DO NOT CARE! I've even gotten my mom in on the addiction. I cannot stop myself from an evil giggle when I get a high-scoring word ("qi" is my favorite. I have no idea what it means).

7. I tried to make myself purty this week so I stole 20 minutes and painted my toenails (black of course) and treated myself to some new foundation, pressed powder and mascara (from Target of course). I wore it all at one time once this week, but it felt nice to spiff up a little. I'll have to try that again sometime soon. There once was a time in my life, believe it or not, when I painted my toenails AT MINIMUM every two weeks. I got to a point where my feet looked odd to me with my nails unpolished it had been so many consecutive YEARS that they were always painted. As you can rightly guess, I no longer have that problem.

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5 thoughts on “Seven positive quick takes.

  1. Morgan S. says:

    Manda – HOW ODD. Your husband and I are exactly the same age!!! My 35th B-day was yesterday too!

    I loved all these quick takes. I had also “lost” my favorite sports bra and whined for weeks until one day I found it hanging on the hanger IT ALWAYS had been hung on and where I had LOOKED ALREADY, I swear!

    Cheese quesadillas are about a million times better when cooked on the stove and not the microwave. Microwaved cheese = tummy ache for me!

    I am sad I don’t have that word game app so I could play too! I have a palm pixi and while it is teh awesome it is lacking in cool apps.


  2. Rouse says:

    Hi Manda!!!!

    Happy b-day to your husband, the cakes you do looks always delicious, please share one recipie in your food blog , I love it!!!!

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