Seven mostly-about-food quick takes

1. Right now I am lunching on this delicious chocolate chip banana bread I made earlier in the week (the basic recipe is here … just add approx. half a bag of semi-sweet choc chips, or more or less or whatever). My buddy A'Dell was tweeting about chocolate chip banana bread on Sunday and – shock of all shocks – I got it in my pregnant brain that if I didn't eat chocolate chip banana bread soon I would probably die. Ahem. I like my choc. chip banana bread spread with cream cheese, in case you're curious (also! I have a tip! If your choc chips sink to the bottom of the bread while baking try tossing them in flour before you fold them into the batter!).

2. And I don't know about YOU, but I am very picky about my cream cheese. For instance, it MUST be Philadelphia (if I'm buying it from the grocery store). It also cannot be LIGHT or FAT FREE cream cheese, however "1/3 Less Fat" is somehow acceptable. It tastes good and doesn't get all lumpy like light cream cheese, which … HORK. I'm sure you understand. The rules are the same for baking with cream cheese or making cream cheese icing. It must be Philly. Or I will die (I'm feeling a bit dramatic today).

3. And speaking of light cream cheese, I weighed in at my doctor's office this week and I have gained some weight … 4 pounds (I am 16 weeks pregnant right now). I can't remember the last time they weighed me, but it's the first increase in weight I've had since they started weighing me at like 2 weeks pregnant. Now let me explain something to you: I'm 5'4" … barely. I started this pregnancy 15-ish pounds overweight (yeesh), which was way better than my pregnancy with Syd BUT STILL. While I'm glad to see the scale reflecting what I see happening to my body (the belly is fully popped and there's little question that I'm pregnant), seeing the weight creep back on – even for good reason – is making my brain raise its eyebrows. I have been adding tons more fruits and veggies and home cooking to the entire family's diet and it's made a big difference in how I feel already. Let me just be clear: I AM NOT ON A DIET. I have just pledged to take way better care of myself during this pregnancy. I definitely get treats (my fave is vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and Honey Nut Cheerios), but I don't want to be totally ruled by my cravings this time and end up ginormous if I can help it. I worked really hard to lose the weight after Syd was born and I know how powerful it can be mentally to just do the right thing and take care of yourself. I need that with this baby. The road has been so hard already.

IMG_3090 15 weeks, 5 days
(Thanks for the shirt A'Dell!

Can you spy the sleeping dog?)

4. Speaking of FOOD … Antonio Banderas is making me dinner tonight courtesy of Whitney: Pulled pork sandwiches (and who can't love a recipe that calls for ROOT BEER?). It smells SO GOOD. We're also having homemade cole slaw and corn on the cob. Today I bought a binder to make a separate recipe file JUST FOR ANTONIO. So keep those amazing crock pot recipes coming! I really should start a crock pot fan club (here's my fave crock pot recipe source).

5. In non-edible news, I got an email from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (if you have kids you really should sign up for their recall email list … click here to sign up) informing me that Sydney's crib has been recalled due to an infant death. HOLY CRAP. The whole thing has me very upset.The company that makes the crib? Is no longer in business, BIG SURPRISE THERE. I am not really shocked to hear that this furniture got recalled. We got the crib and matching dresser as baby shower gifts – we registered for them – and about three months ago the drawers of the dresser starting falling apart. We now temporarily keep Sydney's shirts in the drawer on the floor in her room because we haven't had a chance to get her a new one yet. So anyway, learn a lesson from me and research MORE before you buy something, especially your baby's furniture. You want it to last at least two years, not to mention through more than one baby! This afternoon we will be breaking down her crib and tonight she will be sleeping in her pack-n-play. We're planning to return it tomorrow and since Target will only give me a gift card we will have to order a replacement online (Da Vinci cribs are top-rated on the Consumer Reports website, that's what we're ordering. Thanks to the Style Lush blog!). That being said WHO KNOWS how long it will take the new crib to get here!? And have I mentioned that I have a GINORMOUS toddler who barely fits in her pack-n-play anymore? Oh my. Pray for us. We don't do well when we don't get our beauty sleep over here.

6. I did not win ONE SINGLE GIVEAWAY at The Pioneer Woman this week. THIS OFFENDS ME! Lucky for me this week was my 30th birthday! And people know me so well … and got me Target gift cards! And guess what! Target has a colbalt blue KitchenAid on their website and it qualifies for free shipping! So … I'm like a third of the way there! I figure if I just squirrel my gift cards from now until oh, Christmas, I'll get one within the year! WOO! Then there'll be CHOCOLATE CHIP BANANA BREAD FOR EVERYONE!

7. Unless you guys think I can get away with creating a baby registry for this baby boy and throwing a KitchenAid stand mixer on there. Hey! It's blue! Then I'll just totally blow my gift cards on cheese, Milk Duds, and hair conditioner. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Seven mostly-about-food quick takes

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You’re looking great! I am at 34 ish weeks now and every time I walk by a mirror I do a double take.
    And yes, I totally think you should start a gift registry for Baby Boy and put that mixer on it! It’s blue! It totally counts.

  2. Elsha says:

    I feel you on the weight gain eyebrow-raising. When I was pregnant with Will I kept having to remind myself that I was pregnant and gaining weight was okay and necessary.

    And you can get around the mixer on the registry by just registering for gift cards! I always think it’s so weird when people register for gift cards, but maybe they all just want kitchen aid mixers.

  3. A'Dell says:

    I have a picture somewhere of me wearing that shirt when I was like, eight days overdue or something, and all I have to say that’s a 1st/2nd trimester shirt because later those horizontal stripes will not be doing anyone any favors.

    I am putting my banana bread bracket together! I am serious about this! I have rules and everything. Maggie would adore it.

  4. Mountain Momma says:

    You are preggo!!! Congrats! You decided to jump in after all. I am 7 months…10 weeks to go, can’t believe it.
    And I totally agree with you cream cheese – light cream cheese tastes like crap to me.

  5. Sara says:

    MMMM…banana chocolate chip bread. Damn you! Now I must have it, and I don’t even have a pregnancy to blame it one.

    Also thanks for the recall link, I neurotically joined before I even finished reading the post 🙂

  6. Courtney says:

    Your ta-tas look great by the way…you should see mine…if you could find them…….36DD to barely there 34 on-a-good-day B…hope this makes you smile / laugh!! And yes, I also want some banana bread!!

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