And then it hit me … we’re having a SON

There has been a lot of medical hullabaloo concerning this pregnancy. And I am so thankful for the modern medicine that has protected this baby's life … don't get me wrong! But it seems like every bit of good news we get has been tempered by some sort of drama.

When we found out we were having a boy there were serious parenthesis surrounding the news. It didn't hit me right away that I was going to have both a daughter and a son. One of each. A boy. I have a boy in there.

This week that's kinda blowing my mind.

I mean LOOK. It's BLUE!

My brain is having trouble registering all this. We have a house (and garage) full of baby girl EVERYTHING. When I go to the store I just naturally gravitate toward the girl stuff … because that is what I understand. Even worse, I have a sister. My mother has a sister. I AM A GIRL, by the way. We are just not used to boys in this family … my husband is the second man I have ever shared a home with. The first? MY FATHER.

Needless to say, from five months out, I have no idea what to do with a boy. Even though I love baby boys! I think Syd will be the most fun wild big sister to a boy EVER! And I do, after all, have John … who is in fact a man (who has a sister, by the way). But WHAT DO I DO? We have no idea what to name this kid (and if Syd had been a boy we would have had the same exact problem). Don't even get me started on questions about dangling participles or teaching someone to put the seat down. What do I know about brothers? About raising a man?! A good one?! And then probably having to share him with another woman one day?!?!?! UGH. IT MAKES MY HEAD HURT.

I'm making quick studies of siblings everywhere I go, constantly watching the big sister/little brother dynamic. And so far all I've ascertained is that the poor boy is going to have TWO mothers. Sorry kid, but if you'd turned out to be a baby girl that would have still been a problem … big sister talking here. Thanks to the benevolence of excited grandmas and aunts and my dear friends who have boys (yay hand-me-overs!) the little guy won't have to wear pink. Much.  He'll have his super-fun, outdoorsy, basketball-playing Daddy. He'll have a boy cousin and other fun boys in our family to pal around with and get dirty and wrestle each other (this is what boys DO, RIGHT?!).

I am comforted when I remind myself that before I had Syd I didn't know what it would be like to have a BABY, much less a daughter. And I figured that out (so far).

So please tell me about boys. Tell me about boys with big sisters. Tell me how awesome and easy and wonderful it will be.

And promise me that I will always be his favorite girl (WEEP!).


17 thoughts on “And then it hit me … we’re having a SON

  1. Christina says:

    A BOY! Listen, you just hit the jackpot in my world- boys are amazing! All I ever wanted was a boy(s)- the dangly bits work just like the girls do, you just have to cover them up when they are new so they don’t fire-hose you- it’s so not a big deal. You don’t have to know what to do with him, you will figure it out- you did with Syd- you will with him, too.
    Good luck with choosing a name and don’t believe everyone when they say boy clothes and rooms suck- they don’t either!! There may be less to chose from but you can make it work.


  2. Amy --- Just A Titch says:

    Okay, so I have a little brother, and let me tell you it’s the most fun ever. Boys are silly and playful and FUN and sensitive, especially to their mamas. Being a big sister to a brother has been one of the best experiences ever. And all my friends with boys say they have a different relationship with their mom than girls do, maybe even more special. You’re a great mom and lots of fun and that is one lucky boy.

  3. Elsha says:

    I am here to tell you that one of each is WONDERFUL. I felt the same way– I have a girl, I know what to do with a girl, how in the world am I going to deal with a boy? But now he’s here and everything is just as it should be. And yes, boys and girls are different, but really every child is different. My sister has two boys (2 years and 6 months) and they are like night and day, so you just never know.

    As for names, check out Best name website ever.

    I am SO excited for you!

  4. J. says:

    I cannot speak from personal experience, but I will share what one of my friends told me. She had a daughter, then a son. She was pregnant with her third and found out the gender. She said, “When I found out it was a boy, it was like I pressed the ‘easy’ button!”

  5. Jennie says:

    I tell anyone who ever has a boy that it’s like being told a really cool secret. It’s just incredible. It’s amazing. A boy! A BOY! Oh, so fun. (And dressing them is just as fun, I swear it. Jeans! T-shirts! Cargo shorts! Chucks!)

    Also, it shocks me how quickly I turn against my own sex when I think of a girl one day hurting Kyle. That damn hussy, I’ll pull her hair out! And Mike’s like, “whoa, you’re getting awfully worked up over a hypothetical break-up that may or may not happen in 15 years.”

    He’s my boy. Don’t mess with him.

  6. Caroline says:

    i have that/ Big sis with a little bro. Love it! The sweetness btw momma and son is outstanding. The difference btw first born daughters and sweetness of a little boy, amazing. My little boy is so sweet. What helps is knowing how to care for a newborn boy or girl. Knowing how to breastfeed. Super excited for you.

  7. Ashley says:

    I grew up with three sisters and a bunch of girl cousins, then my first child was a girl. I really wanted a boy the second time around, and I got one! Yes, he essentially has two mothers, but he doesn’t seem to mind most of the time. He’s a “typical” boy – rough and tough and tumble, but oh so sweet and lovey, too. And watching the two of them together still warms my heart every single day. :o)

  8. Anna says:

    Wow Manda, I am the big sister to two little brothers, PLUS added three stepbrothers to the mix 18 months ago… opposite day over here! If Syd is anything like me, she’ll boss the pants off that boy. Big sisters like to do that. My brothers put up with it, which I feel like I got off easy with- but something tells me your little guy will figure out how to defend himself sooner than later! They’ll have a dynamic of their own, no matter what you observe in other families… and it’s pretty cool that you’ll get to be a part of a family with a brother AND a sister now, eh? šŸ™‚

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I only have a boy, so maybe I’m biased – but boys are just the best. There’s just something about a boy and his mama that can’t be matched.
    AND my little brother is one of my very favorite people in the entire world, so I think Syd is a lucky lucky girl.

  10. Tiffany says:

    i agree with elizabeth, there is a bond between a boy and his mama that has nothing on girls. YES girls are fun and you can dress up! play with dolls! they have shared interests in “BAAAAAABIEEEEES!” but boy? i never would have thought this in my previous life, (i.e. before kids), but boys are made of AWESOME.

  11. Colleen says:

    I have to agree with the two previous comments, boys are great. I wouldn’t trade the past fifteen months with my son for anything. Girls may be dolls and frills and dresses, but boys are trucks and buses and shirts with ties. Besides, every child loves mud, messes and playing at the park with mommy.
    No matter what, it will be fun šŸ™‚

  12. Courtney says:

    Boys are awesome..I have two named Magnet and Velcro..they ADORE, LOVE, etc…their mommies. Just watch out when the periscope rises….

  13. Chrystal says:

    I know I don’t comment much, and essentially you have no idea who I am, but have been a lurker for a while now. I HAD to chime in here because I, too, have a son. He’ll be 13 months next week, and I have ANOTHER SON to be born July 15th. YES, 15 months apart, NOT EVEN! :))))
    I was in a similar boat as you, I’d never been around many boys, as one of three girls myself, with mainly girl cousins. We weren’t too “frilly” of girls, but girls the same. A boy in my familiy was foreign. Aythen got a lot of fanfare when he was born to my side of the family because of this fact. Now this one is just going to be adding to the “omg, we have BOYYYYYS NOW!” fun!
    All that aside, what they say is so very true. Boys are excellent. Mine is EASY. I realize I’m lucky to be able to say that, because babies=easy? yeah right. But seriously. He’s EAAAAASY. Sure, he fusses about things that don’t matter, but generally, he’s fun, HILARIOUS, cute as hell, and loves life. He’s a daddy’s boy right now, and just loves when they play together. I agree with jennie about dressing them. It’s easy too. Jeans and a teeshirt, chucks and you’re good to go. Maybe throw in a little mohawk for good measure? Sure!
    It’ll be a breeze, especially since you already have a girl. šŸ™‚ Congrats, you’ll do juuuust fine! šŸ™‚
    Oh, ps—naming boys?? NOT EASY. This second one just received his name a couple of days ago, and I felt horrible waiting this long. I like to be able to call him his name for a while. time to mull it over, ya know? So…good luck with that. Mine are Aythen (rhymes with nathan) and Archer. The “A” theme, not on purpose at all.

  14. Rachel says:

    Oh I love boys, you get to rough house with them without feeling guilty, and play in the dirt. Boys love their mommas like nothing else.

    I have 3 younger brothers and yes I was bossy to them, but it is also cool because they come to me for advice. I am closer with my brothers than my sisters, we didn’t compete like us girls did. I think you are going to do great with a son.

    As far as names there are many great boy names out there. We had so many I like we could have 6 more boys and be set, I love traditional names, most from the bible. I am certain you’ll come up with a name you like.

  15. larmar says:

    wow! lots of advice!

    let me just say that Eli is SUCH a mamma’s boy. And I love it. He is so much more cuddly than Alex ever was, which I hear is normal for boys. He loves his big sister, and is just now starting to get her back for all the toys she stole when he wasn’t mobile enough to put up a fight. I was so worried about having a boy. But it came so naturally. As soon as he came into this world, it was all, “OF COURSE you’re a boy. And OF COURSE you’ve ALWAYS been a part of our family.” But yes, watch out for the firehose. šŸ˜‰

  16. mona says:

    Boys love their mothers. Boys will kiss you on the lips. Boys will run back to you for a hug and a big, big kiss when you drop them off at school. Boys will hold your face in their hands and say, “Mommy, you have a nice face.” At least my oldest boy does. The baby doesn’t have the grasp of complimenting his mother, but I’m sure he’ll be able to.

    And I have the same onesie! It is adorable! And blue! But I’m sure people will still ask, “Is IT a boy or a girl?”

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