Eyewear choices for a woman of age: The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly

Recently I Tweeted extensively about making a prescription eyeglass order from Zenni Optical of the internet-famed eight dollar (!!!) prescription eyeglasses. My glasses from last year (for which I paid a hefty $250 out of pocket) are Syd's favorite play toy … along with everything else on my nightstand. I'm a contacts-wearer, so even though they're only a year old and only get worn at night, in the morning, or during some kind of random eye episode they are very well, uh, loved. Once I learned I was pregnant again one of the things on my to-do list became "get cute glasses for hospital" because as God as my witness? I am not going to be wearing these fugly-looking things in one billion photos AGAIN.

I call this look:"I am on an operating table. I am trying to be brave. At least these stupid glasses are comfy. I was not planning on wearing them during my baby's delivery but I also was not planning on being in labor for 21 hours, pushing for two-and-a-half-hours and then getting a c-section either. OH WELL:


I had a hard time settling on what I would order. After all, there were lots of cheap choices – none of which I could try on – and I had already decided that I was going to order some fun styles.  I was determined to get some that I wouldn't normally ever buy because who would do that for upwards of $200 and then be stuck with that one style for a year or two? But I was also willing to go with one "safety" … a shape, style, and color that I already knew would look good on me.

Here's what I look like normally, without glasses, just for comparison's sake. Well, except I have on some makeup here. So if you see me tomorrow at the grocery store and don't recognize me I'll UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY.

Photo 70

And here's my "safety" choice … dark green plastic frames with a rectangular-ish shape. I think Liz Lemon would approve:
Photo 67

Should have coughed up the extra $5 for the anti-glare coating on the lenses, but otherwise, not bad (the prescription was correct on all my glasses, by the way). I already wear these a lot and they will probably be in my hospital bag come October.

And then. There are the other three pairs I ordered.

I like to call these the Kanye West Rejects. As in they are so ridiculous even Kanye West wouldn't wear them in public:

Photo 62

Hey Manda! 7th grade called and said you're still a big NERD!


Let's move on to the next look, which I call The Buddy Holly Would Slap You If He Saw You Like This:
Photo 68

Oh dear.

And then? My faves! I like to call these Bingo Night!:Photo 65

Look out Granny! I've been drinking my Joint Juice and I enjoy winning gift certificates to Hometown Buffet!

So there you have it. My weirdness can be your gain. If you are looking for a cheap source for prescription eyeglasses, go for it. And just as a side note, make sure you get all the info from your eye doctor before you order … you need to know your prescription, what type of lenses you need, and your pupillary distance. I felt a bit weird asking my eye doctor for this info but guess what? I'd just spent $100 on contacts from him so I didn't feel SO bad. You have a right to this information as a patient so if your doctor bucks because you won't be buying eyeglasses from him just persist. And then find another doctor because that guy is a total d-bag.

My point in saying all this is because MY doctor is NOT a total d-bag and told me that because my prescription is so high (-4.75) I should go with polycarbonate lenses. They are thinner and if you have a high prescription (but only need single-vision regular lenses) your lenses will be thicker and heavier. Who knew?! At Zenni this costs $9 extra per pair of glasses, but it was worth it. Just be sure and get the anti-reflective coating … I didn't realize how much of a difference it would make until I tried to take these photos. ANNOYING! Next time I order I'm definitely "upgrading." Needless to say, I could still get like 16 pairs of glasses for what I normally spend on ONE PAIR. And come Halloween I am totally going to ROCK an amazing (and yet undecided) costume.

(This is an uncompensated review.)


5 thoughts on “Eyewear choices for a woman of age: The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly

  1. larmar says:

    oh man. i both love and hate that you posted about this. LOVE because I am going to go to that website now and probably order 5 pairs of glasses that I could otherwise not afford. HATE because I am going to go to that website now and probably order 5 pairs of glasses.

    Thanks for that.

    Also. My favorite is the Bingo Night.

  2. Sara says:

    Have been stalking the Zenni site for weeks now. I have to go get an updated eye exam and then I’ve been thinking I’ll do the same thing. A saftey choice and then perhaps a little nutty.

  3. Raven says:

    My scrip is -8.75 in one eye and -7.50 in the other. Hello BLIND. So even my glasses through Zenni aren’t cheap (I haven’t ordered a pair yet, but I plan to very soon) my husband is able to get the $8 pair and we plan on getting him some very soon.

  4. sally says:

    I “resemble” the granny remark about bingo night. It is fun and relaxing, and I didn’t win a thing! Those are my favs, by the way.

  5. Morgan S. says:

    I just ordered a pair tonight! $8 frame, poly lens w/no glare. Including shipping, only $21!!! I will see how this pair goes and then probably order a couple of “fun” pairs. This is a whole new world, I have never been able to afford more than one pair of glasses every two years!

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