Seven quick takes: Milk snobs, I’m huge, I hate my dog … the usual drivel

See this cutie?

DSC01076(wearin' Mama's shoes and eatin' "BERS!")

This little girl has become a total Milk Snob! A few weeks ago we stopped at Starbucks (in Target of course) because I had a gift card. I realized that I'd forgotten her sippy cup and grabbed one of the little organic vanilla milk drink boxes they sell there. Well, lo and behold, I had a quiet stroll through Target while she worked that sucker. By the time she was done the box looked like a shriveled little raisin! This was exciting to me because lately Syd had been rejecting milk in favor of "wa!" or "juuuuice." Being the hyperactive mother that I am I started worrying about my daughter's calcium intake … was she getting her vitamins?! Was her daily cup of yogurt enough?! I AM HORRIBLE FOR GIVING HER SO MUCH JUUUUICE!!! I took my cue from her and grabbed a few more of the milk drink boxes (vanilla flavor) for an at-home "treat." I decided to swap it out when she asked for juice. It worked! Because of this I decided to do a little experiment and switch from our usual Kirkland brand whole milk to organic whole milk (plain). Dudes, she chugs the stuff down and now asks for "mulk" all day long. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! We are totally off the juice (except in occasions of, er, sewage backup). I have done a taste comparison for myself … the organic stuff is way better, even when it's not spiked with sugary vanilla flavor. Even though it costs triple what the other stuff does we're making the switch. I'm sure Sydney will thank me when she's an eighty-year-old with all her teeth.

2. Yesterday I finally got it together and assembled the new crib. It leaned against the closet in Syd's room while we waited for the missing hardware to arrive via mail (BOO) and I just couldn't take it anymore (the missing pieces arrived Tuesday). I put on a movie on the laptop in her room, plopped her in the pack-n-play with a bowl of blueberries and before the movie was over I WAS DONE! I was pretty proud of my pregnant, absent-minded self.


Sydney was REALLY excited about her bed! I guess being smooshed in a pack-n-play for two weeks makes you really appreciate your own mattress. This morning I waited to hear the usual wails of "MAAAAHMEEEE!!!!" …. my signal to come and rescue her but instead I woke to the sound of mattress bouncing at around 7:30. I decided to stay in bed until she called for me but it never happened! So my mind started to wander: Had she escaped? Was she making a poopie diaper mural on the wall? Had she stripped herself naked AGAIN and was now practicing to see how far she could spray pee? It drove me out of bed. I went in her room and was pleasantly surprised to find her happily bouncing in her bed, patiently waiting for me. I asked her "do you like your new crib?" and her immediate reply was "YAA!!" 


3. In pregnancy news, I'm already huge:

Photo 56 

Ok, ok I'm 18 weeks (but the photo above? Was taken over a week ago). Almost halfway there. And this is my second baby so things pop out faster. But I'm freaking out already about the last few months and how big I'm actually gonna get (and dude, the porn star boobs are in full effect … 36D already. Heaven help me). And it's not if I can do anything about it … that's just the nature of pregnancy. I know my stomach is already shot. I KNOW my body can bounce back … BUT STILL. People are already starting with the comments about twins and how big I am already and my reply is just "well, we have big babies." I'd like to throw in "so screw you!" but, well, that's not nice. And the Bible says do unto others as you'd have done unto you, not be a jerk to people who are jerks. It's probably good that I didn't write the Bible. There'd be a lot more flicking off while driving going on (among other things) and we'd all be big fat jerkwads, that's all I'll say.

4. I've found the secret to cleaning my new copper-bottomed pots and pans! It's so simple it's crazy. Check it out over on Style Lush today.

5. As usual, the crock pot has been getting lots of wear this week. On Monday I made a honey-glazed ham, yesterday I made up a salsa chicken dish based on this recipe, and today I'm making baked potato soup. Antonio Banderas? You have changed MY LIFE! I went through a long phase when I just didn't cook. I couldn't handle it. The nighttime routine with Syd plus making dinner was just too overwhelming. It feels so good to be feeding my family at home again. I love you, crock pot!

6. Our basset hound is driving me over the edge.


I really honestly think he gets bored and just decides that to entertain himself he's going to see how crazy he can make me. If he's outside, he's barking at the door to come in. If he's inside, he's whining to go out. Or worse? Looking for a corner to pee in or something to steal off the counter. Last night Syd and I were at the dining room table, thoroughly enjoying our dinner, and there was Juicy right outside the door (the door to the back yard is by the table) barking his head off. I KNEW he just wanted to come in to see what we were eating and to try and steal some. But I felt bad for him because he hadn't had his dinner yet. So I got up, let the dogs in, fed them, and babygated them in the kitchen. There was the remainder of our dinner on the counter … I hadn't had the chance to put it away yet. But honestly? I thought he would be so busy eating his dinner that he'd leave it alone. Besides, I only had a few bites left on my plate and I wanted to enjoy them with my daughter. No sooner had I sat back down I look to my right and there is that damn dog up on the counter helping himself to chicken and rice. I lost my freaking mind and put him back outside. But then? You'd think he'd feel bad and leave me alone? NO. He stood there at the door and barked at me, demanding to be let back in. So I took my glass of water and splashed it in his face through the screen, Marlene Dietrich style. He sulked off and I felt so guilty that I did this:


And that's really not going to help my gigantic belly pregnancy situation, IS IT?!

7. First our crib gets recalled, then Tylenol, then our beloved Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy. People, sign up for the email alerts. You'd think they'd test children's furniture, medicine, clothes, and toys past the point of danger but YOU'D BE WRONG! Ugh. Being a parent means being on constant alert … it's exhausting. But we gotta keep our sweet ones safe.

8. And speaking of our sweet ones? Here a bonus video of John and Syd Shredding. HEE!

Syd and John Shred! from Manda on Vimeo.

Happy Friday!

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7 thoughts on “Seven quick takes: Milk snobs, I’m huge, I hate my dog … the usual drivel

  1. Elsha says:

    First of all, you look adorable. Second of all, why must you post pictures of oreos?? Now that’s all I want. And no pregnancy to blame a belly on around here.

  2. Ashley says:

    My sound isn’t working for whatever reason, but the video is so cute! And that’s exactly why I save my workouts for nap time. :o) I can give my three-year-old some little two-pound weights and she’s right there beside me, watching and trying to do what I do, but my son is 19 months old and it’s just impossible with him in the room!

  3. Anna says:

    waaaaaaaahahaaaaaaa… I love that John is trying to focus and Syd is trying to un-focus him. 🙂 awesome.

  4. Mountain Momma says:

    Well, imagine how fast you get big with pregnancy #3! My sister almost had me convinced I was having twins (i’m not, thank god). I told her if that was true, she was going to find a baby on her door step in July.

  5. sally says:

    Can’t wait to get there and shred with you guys. No sideways lunges for me though since last time I couldn’t walk afterwards. I’m up for a Costco trip, too.

  6. ANNIE says:

    Oh Manda. I didn’t look nearly as cute as your little pregnant self AT ANY STAGE during ANY of my pregnancies. Look at that cute baby belly. I think you look GREAT.

    Also – I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to shred in my bare feet. 🙂

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