In which my husband makes all my (garden) fantasies come true

Dudes, you know about my basset hound. Yesterday was his sixth birthday.

You know he's crazy. He steals my seat on the couch and occasionally, my dinner. He's temperamental. He's stinky. He barks at me when I'm eating. He whines at me to go out just when I get comfy on the couch. He drives me nuts. He digs holes in my garden and pees on things he's not supposed to. 

Well, the garden thing? NO MORE!

DSC01085 "Dangit. A fence. Now how am I gonna pee on the tomatoes?"

When I get grouchy (which this week was A LOT) I get extra impatient with things that drive me crazy (i.e. JUICY). And the adult with whom I co-habitate, poor John, has to hear my constant litany of "my hip hurts! Juicy ate the dang dinner I made! Your dog peed in the floor again! Sydney won't nap! The dishwasher needs to be unloaded. AHHHH!" And because he is generally the most wonderful and patient man in existence he usually pats my shoulder, apologizes, does NOT point out that I'm the one that actually bought the basset as a present to him in the first place, and then makes me an ice water or a bowl of cereal. Because it always helps the grumpies when I have something in my stomach.

Needless to say I have been fretting over our garden area for months. In early April I was wondering aloud about WHEN the tomatoes were going in. And even WHEN they went in HOW were we going to keep the dogs from digging them up and peeing all over them (we had a fruitful yield last year but I REFUSED to eat one. single. tomato. on account of the PEE ALL OVER THEM).

All the while John was plotting. And yesterday? He bought his girls a stack of pancakes, took us to Home Depot, brought us home and built us THIS and filled it with veggie plants!:


We are now growing six tomatoes, Anaheim peppers, green beans, and cucumbers. And our fragile little seeds and tender little baby plants have a fighting chance! We might get to EAT some of our garden's goods this summer! WOO!

And look! With the extra fencing he even made me a protected compost pile!!

We also planted some spearmint in a pot on the porch:


And my basil is coming up!:

I also planted some cilantro seeds in another pot and we have some zuccini to find a spot for. Needless to say we are excited imagining the beans and salsa and tomato/basil/cucumber salads we might eat this summer!

Also John was told that he is a handsome, handsome man many times last night and was served a fancy dinner of ice cream and cheese and crackers.

Juicy spent the evening pouting. A fence was not the birthday present he had in mind.




2 thoughts on “In which my husband makes all my (garden) fantasies come true

  1. Sara says:

    I have a friend with a garden, of which I am very jealous, and she shared some lettuce and cucumbers. I made a salad and Husband said…”I can’t eat this, it tastes too green.” He sucks. Also I passed an award on to you this morning. Hooray!

  2. ANNIE says:

    Hey look at that. I have those bright pink crocs too. I got them for free from Procter & Gamble. Wasn’t that nice of them? I think so too.

    And can I say? I read all of your trials with your dogs peeing on the carpet and making a ruckus here and there, and I read about Emily’s dog eating diapers and making a mess everywhere, but I can’t help it. I WANT A DOG.

    That is all.

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