Scenes from my life with Juicy

I have been trying to find words to describe the Sneaky Hate Spiral I entered into on Friday night when I caught my dog doing this:


Yes. Juicy somehow figured out how to get into the compost pile. And had NO IDEA how to get out. He could have cared less … he was just wallowing around in there like a pig in slop even AFTER I caught him. John ran out on an errand just moments before this happened. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Lucky for me? The baby pool was full. I dragged the sucker over there (once we figured out how to get him out without totally destroying the fence, that is) and threw him in.


I would have left him outside. But then? He would have barked his covered-in-rotten food head off ALL NIGHT. Because HOW DARE I DO SUCH A THING AS LEAVE HIM OUTSIDE?!

I think he's been plotting his revenge (for the bath) ever since. Because tonight? I found THIS.


See it? On the bottom left corner? Just next to my "NO DOGS" sign? The basset-sized HOLE in my fence? Yeah, apparently he a) can't read or b) does not care or c) all of the above. Any way you slice it, this dog is one dedicated sonofabeeyotch.

IMG_4014 STAB.

(Also, on an unrelated note: BASSET HOUND FOR SALE. CHEAP.)

Are you new here? Because the basset hound craziness has been going on for a while:

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3 thoughts on “Scenes from my life with Juicy

  1. Sara says:

    I have to say, I’m equal parts impressed and shocked at Juicy’s ability to eat through the fence. He’s smarter than your av-er-age bear.

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