Heaven help me, it’s a Nap Strike again.

I'm 20 weeks pregnant this week. It seems like it's flying by right now (but when I think about those long days of the first trimester it seems like I've been pregnant FOREVAH). I feel really good. I can eat most things without feeling sick or gross – even a morning cup of coffee! – and my energy level is decent considering I am mother to The Blonde Tornado. I'm keeping my promise to take better care of myself this pregnancy … I eat fairly healthily (but the ice cream with chocolate syrup and Honey Nut Cheerios is here to stay. Did you know that Hershey's manufactures a bottle of chocolate syrup so big that it comes with a HANDLE?! Awesome). I'm feeling lots of movement and John felt his first kick over the weekend. Halfway there!


And speaking of The Blonde Tornado, can we just talk about nap strikes for a minute? In the last nine days my daughter has skipped six naps (if not more, I'm probably too discombobulated to remember). She usually takes one two-hour nap mid-day and then goes to bed at 6:30/7. After a three-day run that spanned the weekend my mom suggested that we take her to the park in the morning and properly wear her out, give her a bit of lunch, then try to put her down. It worked! I had to wake her up to take my mom to the airport Monday!

And then Tuesday came. John did his usual daddy time on Tuesday morning and Syd is always so ready to nap after that (they play a game called Tickle Chase … lots of screaming and running around and they also do the 30 Day Shred "together"). I figured we'd be ok running a quick errand to Whole Foods so long as I worked in some lunch.

(I never shop there by the way… I just wanted to see if they had Toms shoes in women's sizes … NOPE. I had a list of things to get but I could only bring myself to pick up a watermelon and a fancy box of granola bars for Syd. Everything is so stupidly overpriced! We spent 30 bucks – including the watermelon and granola bars and our sushi roll, fruit, and pasta salad lunch from the food bar – highway robbery. But CUTE highway robbery).

Anyway, she started getting all grumpy on the way home which is usually a sure sign that it's time to nap. I trucked her right inside and we rocked and cuddled in the glider and she fell asleep in my arms … which she never does anymore! So sweet! I held her a for a while, then put her down and went outside to water the garden. I was outside for about 45 minutes. When I came in I heard her WAILING from her room, and when I went to get her she was sitting in the corner of her crib sniveling dejectedly (MOM FAIL). And that was it. She was up.

On nap strike days she goes to bed at six. At bedtime she is so no-nonsense about wanting to get into her bed she barely lets me get her dressed in her pajamas before she's pointing to her bed and saying "nigh-nigh!" Usually it's a welcome relief but last night I got a bit sad about it (pregnancy-related I'M SURE). I feel bad for her … I know she needs her nap! But what's a mother to do with a toddler who is screaming bloody murder from her crib during naptime? It's exhausting us all. I hope it's over soon and we go back to our regularly scheduled napping. I'm sure the general public is also beginning to tire of my greasy stinkiness in public as I do not shower until bedtime on these days. SIGH.

On the upside, "Yaya"  (my mom) found a Craigslist sandbox for us this weekend!


Eight bucks has brought us a lot of outside playtime joy in the last few days. Thanks Yaya!

And last but not least here's a photo of Syd at the breakfast table.
Her new favorite thing is putting her feet on the table and pushing. So that her chair rocks and nearly falls over. WHEE!!! *insert mother-freak-out chest grab here* Wait! I'm wrong. This is her second favorite thing. Her first-favorite thing is stripping off all her clothes and her diaper and streaking around the front room like a maniac. Shall we start a pool on how long it takes before she pees in the floor?



3 thoughts on “Heaven help me, it’s a Nap Strike again.

  1. Elsha says:

    When Kalena started nap striking, I (eventually) found that moving her nap back by about an hour helped. It seemed weird that it did since if she skipped her 10 am nap she wouldn’t nap later in the afternoon, but when I started putting her down at 11 instead she would sleep.

    Also, Kalena TOTALLY does the feet on the table pushing thing. Luckily her chair happens to have a wall behind it, so she just ends up pushing her chair up against the wall. As for the pee on the floor, I’m starting to feel like it’s just a fact of life around here.

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