Seven Apprentice-like quick takes

1. I have a food blog. About once a week or every other week I write a veritable orgy of posts (ON ONE DAY. AM CRAZY LIKE THAT). Yesterday was no exception. I put on Julie & Julia (goodness why ON EARTH did no one give Meryl Streep an Oscar for that performance? Could it at least have been a tie?!) and told the world about all pizza I've been eating. If you're into that sort of thing, feel free to add to your reader.

2. I now post at Style Lush on Fridays. Today I posted about what I hope to wear while I'm in the hospital this fall when Rocky is born. I'm so excited about the post … for one I feel like I've discovered some big awesome secret, and two? I love Little Engine That Could Businesses. Such is the case with Annie & Isabel. Yesterday I emailed them with a sizing question and today I got back a gushing, lovely email from one of the nurses who began this business out of the desire to help patients have a better experience in the hospital. It made my day!

3. This kid is killing me:


My husband made the you'd-better-watch-it-you're-tempting-me-to-kick-you-in-the-crotch comment this morning that Syd totally bosses me around. But on second thought? He's kinda right. In the above photo? She's eating with MY fork. Here's the fork I used for dinner last night:



And this is only the tip of the iceberg. She pounds on my laptop, she demands to watch t.v. and I let her, she refuses to let me change her diaper and I shrug … CRAP you guys. I became a mom so I could be THE BOSS. Not the other way around. Pregnancy has made me into a manipulate-able MESS (and toddlers are NO JOKE). All it takes is a little shrieking and flailing and I AM DONE. FINE, listen to your stupid Justin Bieber song AGAIN.


4. That's right, my 21-month-old has a favorite song: "Baby" by Justin Bieber. I wish I was joking. My sister slipped this little gem onto a birthday mix cd (I WILL GET YOU ASHLEY) and the request for "baby?" happens like NINE TIMES A DAY. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is for me to drive around LA with that song blasting in my car? To have the mailman walk up on the porch and think that I am listening to a pre-adolescent boy WHO SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL?! And to think I'm all worried about a minivan making me look all uncool. PUH-LEAZE.


Gosh why does she have to be so dang CUTE about it?

5. Last night I put a new recipe in the crock pot … an 18 bean soup recipe that takes 20 hours to cook (I'll report on how it goes later). I did it at around 11:30 and I had to get myself out of bed to do it because I totally forgot. And what awesome thing did I discover this morning? Other than my entire house smelling of lovely beans spiked with ham hock? My fridge was open. Just a crack. Everything was still cool … just not very cold. I believe The Donald would be pointing in my direction right now: YOU'REFIRED. As it happens I do not recommend forgetting to start your recipe then trying to do it all bleary-eyed in the kitchen.

6. I am really trying to finish this post quickly but it's hard because my kid is unpacking the diaper bag I have slung over my arm. I keep telling her "no" but I'm sure you know how that is going. See # 3.

7. Ok. The kid is losing it. Am total pushover and will sign off now. Have a fantastic weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Seven Apprentice-like quick takes

  1. Nora says:

    My newest discipline trick (for this week… I’m sure I’ll be trying a new one next week). I ask her to stop doing something and then I count to three. If I get to three (and DO NOT PAUSE.. count at a steady pace) then she gets a swift punishment. No talking about it or apologizing at that point. I don’t even look her in the eye. Just enforce the time-out or whatever and never utter a word until the punishment is done and then I explain why she was punished, make her apologize, and then apologize to anyone else who was involved. So far, I only had to punish like twice and the other times I’ve said “1…” and she stopped. I’m sure she’ll figure out a way to get around it :).

  2. larmar says:

    Toddlers can smell weakness.

    How about we get together and see if acting in a group will give us some spine? Or maybe just console each other as our girls tear everything down?

  3. Elsha says:

    I guess I got lucky with the disciplining because when Kalena starts to whine or throw a fit? Just makes me that much more resolved NOT to give in to whatever she wants.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Um, Did you just have mashed potatoes and pizza for dinner last night? Because if so, you are my number one hero of all time. Also, where is my mashed potatoes and pizza?

  5. Mary says:

    Seriously. The picture of the fork made me laugh out loud. Don’t beat yourself up too much. It’s hard to find the energy for a battle of wills when you’re growing a human. I’m having the same problem in my house. My infant tore two keys off my keyboard and has claimed permanent ownership of my iPhone if it makes you feel any better.

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