For comparison’s sake: Week 22

So today I begin the 22nd week of this pregnancy. Here's how it's going.

First of all? I feel huge already. I'm pretty sure I felt the same way during this stage of pregnancy with Syd, but I get irrationally worried that I'm "too big." I have to constantly remind myself that it's just the way I carry our gigantor babies: I GET HUGE.

(on the left is me at early 21 weeks with Syd in a too-tight regular shirt. On the right is me at late 21 weeks with Rocky in a huge maternity shirt. Makes comparison SO EASY, EH?)

This time around there are so many differences. I chalk it up to being pregnant with a boy this time, but everyone says that each pregnancy is different. This time has been a lot easier. I'm not nearly as clumsy – knock on wood, I haven't broken a single item of sentimental value! – although I still run into something at least once a day. This is normal for me whether or not I'm pregnant … bad equilibrium!

I can also handle smells a lot better this time. When I was pregnant with Syd I couldn't wear scented lotion, be around coffee or fish or trash or anything that smelled awkward. Now that the dreaded first trimester and the progesterone suppositories of doom are behind me I can change diapers like always, eat California rolls, drink a morning cup of coffee every day (my husband makes half-caff), and enjoy smelling like a giant vanilla cupcake. I can't get enough of my Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion and body wash from Bath & Body Works and slather on my cherry-vanilla lip gloss all day long!

This time, however, I think I'm retaining more water. I've already had to exchange my too-tight wedding rings (weep!) for a giant, gaudy cubic zirconia rock that I got at Target over the weekend.

Photo 73
Last time I made it up until the last month or so of pregnancy before I had to take my rings off. And the moment I walked in the door from the hospital with my new baby I went to my bedroom and squeezed my rings back on my finger. I know it's just stuff, but I love my rings. They mean a lot to me and I HATE taking them off … I usually wear them around the clock. This week my finger revolted and I had a huge welt under them and they had to go. I made John propose to me over our pulled pork sandwiches on Saturday night with the new fake ring. SIGH. At least I look like an L.A. mama now with my outlandish blingbling (I figured if I was gonna go fake I was gonna go Home Shopping Network BIG).

I'm sure this has a lot to do with the fact that The Blonde Tornado is my daughter, but gosh am I tired. Being pregnant with a toddler is craziness. I don't get to lie around on the couch and take naps this time around. Most nights when she goes to bed I go into complete worthless shutdown mode, and every few days I crash out for the night at 8 pm (but honestly? The latest I can stay up anymore is 11 pm. And when I do? I feel like crap the entire next day so I usually try to be in bed around 10).

On the bright side my back pain and sciatic pain on the right side isn't back (knock on wood!)! It helps that my good friend is a physical therapist and does an adjustment on me every once in a while to keep me in line. My right hip flares up now and then and makes standing on one foot to get my pants on a bit of a wobble problem, but other than that I'm doing ok. I'm not holding my breath though … the third trimester cometh.

Food-wise things are good. I only get moderate heartburn at night and three or so Tums takes care of it. I don't have any weird cravings (other than using Honey Nut Cheerios as a topping on my ice cream sundaes) and I've been pretty good about staying away from Taco Bell. California rolls satisfy my sushi cravings and Veggie Delights with extra mayo and avocado (five dolla foot loooongs!!) from Subway help me get through the pain of needing a turkey sub. I eat many bowls of cereal … they help when I'm determined to eat Nutella by the spoonful. I have no idea how much weight I've gained. My next appointment with my doctor is next week so I'm a little curious to see how things are going in that department (and also a little nervous that I'm going to get "in trouble"). I guess we'll have to wait and see!

All in all, I just feel blessed to be pregnant and am so happy to be past the halfway point. I don't know if it's because we nearly lost this baby or because I've done this before, but a lot of the complaints I had the first time around just aren't registering with me this time. But like I said … the third trimester (and coincidentally SUMMER. UGH. We don't have air conditioning!) is on the way and I'm sure I'll have plenty to kvetch about then. STAY TUNED, if you dare! Ha ha!


5 thoughts on “For comparison’s sake: Week 22

  1. Ashley says:

    You look fabulous in both pictures! I was considerably less swollen my second pregnancy (my boy pregnancy!), even though I was pregnant all summer. I swelled out of my rings around the halfway point the first time, and was able to wear them the whole time the second time around. Who knows what causes all those little differences? I also practically LIVED on cereal both times – Cocoa Krispies with the girl, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with the boy. Thank goodness I didn’t have any sugar issues!

  2. melody a. huddle says:

    I think you look beautiful. I can’t wait to hug and meet our new Rocky. Amanda, you make me happy everyday. Love your mother in law.

  3. Sara says:

    MMMM…Honey Nut Cheerios…

    I think you look great! Not having been pregnant I have no point of comparison, but you look great nonetheless!

  4. Heather Ben says:

    this is my second and i am due in sept. measuring by weight i am pretty much where i was last time, but it doesn’t feel like it. to me, it feels like i am in about month 8th as far as my belly goes. some people say its bc the muscles are already stretched out from before so your belly hangs lower. i don’t know. but this one is def different than the first. hang in there!

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