In which I get my hair did … again

Yes! It's time! It's time for my bi-annual hair update! Because! I get my hair done twice a year! Because I am lazy! And don't take great care of myself!

(Ok yes I realize it's pathetic. I am already planning my next haircut and style for September, before Rocky makes his debut. And! I got my nails done and my eyebrows tinted this week! More on the eyebrow tint later, I swear. It's life-changing for the eyebrow challenged).

Anyway, I found my amazing stylist Tera through Whoorl (that's right! The internet saves the day again!). After a few horrendous haircuts in my neighborhood – and honestly, my hair is pretty hard to screw up: it's long, straight, and under normal circumstances is fairly manageable – I mapped the road to Tek Salon and was pleasantly surprised that it was only a 45 min drive via freeway. Pretty normal fare here in Southern California. I scheduled the appointment and my hopes were high. Childbirth did a number on my hair and I'd been feeling hideous for a while.

My last trip was in September. The Blathering was coming up and I wanted to look good IN PERSON when I finally met all my favorite internet people (I am so sad I can't go this year! Alas! I will have a wee baby!). I instantly clicked with Tera and had so much fun chatting with her as she worked her magic on me. I am the type of person who likes to discuss my hair (can you tell?) and see what the stylist suggests. Mostly I just complained about what I didn't like … it was growing in two shades darker and also CURLY, I was interested in lightening it up a little bit but do not want to go blonde or have bangs (and I advised her that I am not allowed to have either … but will certainly ask for one or both at some future time), and that I was trying to avoid the "Mom Chop." Tera listened to me, made some suggestions based on my hair and my lifestyle, and got to work. I was so, so pleased with the results.

And yet? I didn't find the time to get back to her until yesterday. NINE MONTHS LATER.

I showed up looking like this:

Too much out-of-control, heavy, neglected hair. YUCK! When I walked in to the salon Tera was like "WOAH! Your hair! It's so LONG!" She is so tactful. Just love her.

And a few hours later? I left looking like THIS:


Natural-looking highlights that need ZERO maintenance, a cut I love, and an introduction to a  new, awesome product that will help tame my wild hair: Moroccan Oil! I bought a bottle yesterday at my beauty supply as soon as I got home and am committed to using it every day this summer. YAY!

While I was there Tera and I talked a lot about the things we have in common: balancing work and motherhood, hair (of course), social media and blogs (she started her own blog last night!! And used me as her first subject!), the new iPhone, ADULT THINGS. It was just what I needed. The last few weeks with Sydney have been stressful, and I have been feeling NOT HOT lately. I committed to my return in September and I can't wait to see what Tera has cooked up for my hair then! I used to think that to get a thrill out of going to the hairdresser I had to make some huge, dramatic change (and I did. I've been every hair color and have had my hair every length imaginable). Now it's just thrilling to me to be the best possible version of myself … hair-wise.

How do you commit to taking better care of yourself? How often do you moms steal away for a little pampering?


8 thoughts on “In which I get my hair did … again

  1. Elsha says:

    Cute hair! I pretty much never get mine cut. In fact, I am guilty of letting my husband cut it because I’m too lazy to find somewhere and go get it cut.

  2. Christina says:

    You look great! A good hair cut is priceless. I’ve said for years I’d rather gain 10 lbs than have a bad cut.
    I went a couple years w/out a hairdresser when I moved to a new state and it was depressing. When I found one I trusted after hopping around a bit I now get my bangs trimmed every 6 weeks and my hair cut every 12. I never leave the salon w/out an apt. so I stay on track. Otherwise I’d end up with no style and in a pony tail everyday.

  3. Julie says:

    Your hair is very cute!! I fall into the same boat – maybe 2 times a year I get a cut? I’ve vowed to start doing better and to stay on top of it this year. I’ve already had 2 appts, so I’m on the right track! Good luck to you too! šŸ™‚

  4. Sara says:

    1) the haircut/color is fantastic. You look great!
    2) you sound like me. I get my hair cut every November, usually the day I take off before. I can’t be bothered otherwise.
    3) I don’t take nearly enough time for myself. Being at work feels like too much time away from the Pie, so every second I’m not at work I’m with her. I need to find the balance…

  5. little miss mel says:

    I make a future appt. EVERY time I go get my hair cut/highlighted. Every 8 weeks, no.matter.what.

    That way, I don’t lose me in the process of motherhood, running a household, etc.

    Going to get a pedi today with my mother! Both of us have a gift card. It’s been almost a year since my feet have been given any love. Can’t wait!

    Love the new ‘do! Quite flattering. šŸ™‚

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