Seven Crotchety Quick Takes

1. This week I got my nails done for the first time in months and months and months and while we were on the way there my MIL asked if I'd like to get my eyebrows waxed as well. Since I'm fairly challenged in the eyebrow department I said that I'd rather try the eyebrow tint that I've been considering for nearly a year. The facialist (is that what you call them? facial technician?) who does the eyebrow waxing and facials at this place is just amazing, so I went for it.



Am I not supa sessy with my foils and my eyebrows? This was the best $10 ever spent, and totally work the 15 minutes I had to sit in the massage chair looking like Groucho while I got my toenails painted. I don't have to powder my brows (much) anymore! Hooray!

2. I'm cheering for the Celtics. With the exception of Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson … I don't like the Lakers. I don't care if it's technically my home team. And Kobe Bryant can suck it.

3. High school kids say weird stuff and "like" (thumbsup!) EVERYTHING on Facebook and seriously abuse the emoticon. And why are they "lmao" ("laughing my ass off") at EVERYTHING?! NOT EVERYTHING IS THAT FUNNY, KIDDOS!

4. Obviously, I am OLD. And crotchety. Damn those youngsters and their newfangled shorthand! BAH!

5. My daughter pooped on her potty chair on Wednesday night for Grandma. And then AGAIN last night for me! I have never heard of anyone under two years old doing such a dramatically awesome thing! I cannot help but brag to anyone who will listen about my daughter's pooping skills. I am so proud of her!!

6. Don't forget to check out my Style Lush post from today about one of the most useful things you can have while nursing a baby. And if you haven't ordered your Annie & Isabel gown for 15% off, hurry up and do it! Today's your last chance for a discount!

7. Yesterday I did all my grocery shopping at Target. It was so. very. awesome. As if I didn't love Target enough already, they go and build a Super Target about a mile from my house. The grocery stores in my area are really expensive so over the past few years I've had to price compare and shop at three different places for different things … no more. It's amazing to me to be able to get all my grocery shopping done AND get my daughter the new shoes and dress she needs AND get my husband deodorant all at the same place (Oh! And I can get Starbucks too!). One stop! And then? I can go home. And eat. It's fantastic. As much as I loved hunting all over town for deals in my pre-baby life … those red and white circles have just saved my butt as a mom. Target? I <facebook coded heart insert here> you.

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6 thoughts on “Seven Crotchety Quick Takes

  1. Courtney says:

    I miss my prego hormones…my hair is falling out by the handfuls like it did BK(before kids) and I too powder the brows….I must check out the tinting! And you look AWESOME by the way!

  2. v says:

    “I have never heard of anyone under two years old doing such a dramatically awesome thing!”

    Yay for pooing on the potty!

    but I do have to say it’s not odd for the under two’s to poop in a potty, what’s odd is people actually potty training under two. (Kudos to you for starting early!) My two year old was fully trained by her 2nd birthday.

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