Seven Quickies (on Thursday, yes I know)

1. So the iPhone 4 came out today and apparently the people who pre-ordered got theirs yesterday. I WANT! However, there was no way I was going to wait in line to get one today. I was planning on waiting a few weeks until the commotion dies down anyway. My father-in-law got his and was just holding it up in the air in front of himself admiring it today and I remarked that I wanted the white one (I've had two iPhones, both black. I'm ready for a change, I suppose). He then proceeded to tell me that the white ones don't come out until the end of July. EFF.

We'll see how long I can make it.

2. I just ate an entire box of Milk Duds. About halfway through I told myself that I needed to stop, especially since I woke up at 5 am this morning with a terrible tummy ache. I had to sit on the toilet a while (sorry TMI) and talk myself out of vomiting. It worked, but it still took me an hour to get back to sleep with pains in my stomach. I'm still not sure if it's something I ate or just pregnancy. I'm trying to figure out a good salty and/or healthy snack to balance out the ridiculous amounts of sugar I just ate. I still can't believe I just sat here and ate that entire thing. My stomach is already turning. STUPID MANDA.

3. I've been a bit nervous the last few days because the baby hasn't been moving as much. He kicked me a bit when I got into bed last night and I feel him moving at different points of the day, but usually he seems much more active. I'm *hoping* I'm in for a show since I just ate so much sugar and plan on climbing into bed to watch a movie soon. I still feel nervous a lot, even though I'm six months pregnant (woah! That crept up on us!). I was going through baby clothes and supplies today and it still feels surreal. I don't want to be this crazy nervous pregnant lady all the time who calls the doctor over every little thing (Rocky just gave me a few good kicks as if to say "Calm down Mama!").

4. This week I've been using Jergens Healthy Glow lotion. The first thing I've noticed? The stank. I feel like I smell like tanning salon, ew. Have you ever smelled that burned-skin smell on someone? Gross. I've used it for three days in a row now and I do like how my upper thighs and shoulders are not so pasty white and I do definitely look more tan, but I am seeing a bit of an orange hue start to come out (I bought the medium tone formula because I have normally a medium-olive skin tone that tans very easily). Are any of you users of this stuff? Any advice? I wear 70-100 sunblock any time I'm going to spend any time outside. I have tried a self-tanner before but I seriously looked like an oompaloompa (it also happened to fall on the same weekend I got engaged and therefore had one million photos taken of me with normal looking skin on my upper half and utterly ORANGE legs. Because yes, I am a genius and only used it on my legs). 

5. My husband and I cannot agree on a name for this boy. It is infuriating. I have the name all settled in my head AND HE WILL NOT GIVE IN. I need to start getting used to the idea and start telling big sis what her brother will be called. Naming boys is HARD, people. What is that? When we found out we were having a girl we had this moment where a name was suggested and we both LOVED IT! If this baby was to be another girl we had a few good first and middle combos that we could agree on. But now? All we can agree on is "Rocky." And that is not going to be his name SO HELP ME (although John thinks it would be the most badass thing EVER to name this kid Rocky. But I'm sorry. What if your doctor walked in and had "Rocky" as his first name on his nametag? Or your accountant? And as much as I want this kid to be a professional athlete or RAPPER one day, we are going to be passing on receiving a Social Security card with the name of a Sylvester Stallone movie character on it THANKYOUVERYMUCH).


6. Today I found the box with all my "fat clothes" in it. I WAS SO HAPPY. It's the stuff I packed away when I decided that enough was enough and I was going to sign up for Weight Watchers and lose the baby weight (Syd was 6 months old when I started and I lost 30 pounds). Included in the box are all my ginormous nursing bras which I can't wait to start wearing, and a few maternity clothes and stretchy things I kept wearing while in between sizes. The best thing in the box? MY GAUCHO PANTS. Remember those? There are like five pairs of stretchy cotton gaucho pants in there. And I do not give a flying rip if they are totally out of style now I AM WEARING THOSE BAD BOYS IN PUBLIC. My wardrobe has now seriously doubled and become 200% more comfortable. Me so happy.

7. Our Netflix queue is seriously struggling. I finally sent back Sherlock Holmes (had that one since May) and Godfather Part II and I'm a little scared of what might come in return. Any suggestions for some good (and possibly husband-friendly) flicks I can add? It seems like there's nothing good out on DVD right now. My husband is going to flip out when he sees New Moon up there again but OH WELL. And can I just say for the record that I really want to be Team Jacob but really I'm Team Edward? And also? A 14-year-old girl on the inside?

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12 thoughts on “Seven Quickies (on Thursday, yes I know)

  1. Nikki says:

    Back in high school I had to get a SPRAY ON TAN to better portray a Puerto Rican character in our musical production of West Side Story. It was sugar-based (so they said) and I was sticky for days! The best part was the perfectly-band-aid-sized white spot on my cheek from the wireless mic taped to my face. I basically pulled off my tan a little
    more each night. BOY WAS I COOL!

    I use the Nivea stuff right now and love it. It’s for your legs but I also do my arms and shoulders. It smells vaguely of a prepubescent boys cologne?

    When did gaucho pants go out of style?? Dang it!

  2. A'Dell says:

    We just watched these instantly on Netflix and they rocked:

    Botany of Desire (a Michael Pollen movie)
    Beer Wars (documentary about beer distributors)
    Leverage, seasons 1 and 2

    DVD we liked recently:

    It’s Complicated
    Mad Men Season 3
    Burn Notice, Season 1

  3. Emily says:

    On the name ‘Rocky’ – I attended 3 – 12th grade with a ‘Rocky’. It wasn’t until maybe 8th or 9th grade that we all found out his REAL name was Jonathon Rockford – he just went by ‘Rocky’. So you could TOTALLY name him that and he could still be Dr. Jonathon or judge Jonathon etc.

  4. Sara says:

    Hmmm…good movies…that’s tough. I’ve been having the same issue, so we went old school. Our que is now almost entirely populated by 80’s movies that we want to rewatch. Ah Fletch…how you make me laugh.

  5. Courtney says:

    Mystic Tan when you can…last summer I was a regular and loved it! It does take some getting used to, but I loved the results and you know I am as white as they come!

    Good movies – just watched Shutter Island-whoah!!! Temple Grandin story -about a woman with autism-it was amazing!

    For me- I am Team Sam -Jacob’s older brother. Edward and Jacob just remind me too much of the kids I teach….uck!

  6. anne nahm says:

    1. you are awesome.

    2. I also get those tummy aches, and have to wonder why I am still eating. I think I am looking for something to put in my mouth that will make my tummy stop hurting. I am looking for medicine! In salty form.

    3. I broke down and bought Trueblood since everybody was saying how awesome it was. I have watched three episodes. It’s basically soft core porn. I’m not sure if that is a vote for it or against it, but after two episodes, you will be team Bhu-hill and Suh-hookay. And you will say/type it in bad Southern dialect.

  7. Ashley says:

    4. I’ve been using that stuff for a few days now and yes, it STINKS. I smelled just like this when I used to lay in the tanning bed as a teenager. I’m definitely getting some color, but it is a little more tangerine than tan. It’s still better than pasty, glowing white, though, so I think I’ll stick it out. As long as I can handle the smell, that is.

  8. C says:

    Have you ever seen “Dan in Real Life”? It’s an incredible, incredible movie. I could watch it everyday. It’s also husband-friendly.

    And just to throw my two cents into the boy-naming-fiasco of 2010… I love the idea of naming my son William and calling him “Liam,” even though Liam is a trendy name. (We could always call him Will.) Doesn’t matter, though, because the husband doesn’t like William. In fact, he’s shooting me down on all my go-to timeless English male names. (How could he say no to Charley?! He’d be named after Dickens AND my 2nd favorite “Lost” character!) If this keeps up, I’ll having to start dipping into names from classic French literature. First up: d’Artagnan. 😉

  9. melody a. huddle says:

    I remember Johnny moved all the time. I mean all the time. When I was pregnant with Candice, I thought several times, what is wrong with my baby. Candice did not move like Johnny did. Thankfully with the peace of Jesus and a great doctor, I realized all children are different. Johnny was born quiet and somber, and Candice was born ready to meet the world and for the world to meet Candice. I love it. Honey, our little Rocky is safe and happy and growing in the timing of our Lord. You are awesome and eat some candy for me. I love you, mama and grandma

  10. sally says:

    Wow, I love the William, Liam, Will comment. How about William Rockford. Tehn you have lots of choices depending on his character. Lots of good food and fun awaiting you in Denver. Pampering, too. We go to the pool after dark so it is easier to see us if we are white, glowing, and large:)

  11. seussgirl says:

    Ooh, I 2nd the Dan in Real Life suggestion! Also, we just got Leap Year from Netflix, and my husband even liked it!
    We’ve also really enjoyed “Better off Ted” on instant view (1/2 hour comedy).

    If you’re looking for something to watch yourself, and there really is a 14-yo girl inside of you – 10 Things I Hate About You is addictive.

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