Seven quick takes from the trenches

1. Oh hai. I am Pregnant.


I am on the cusp of the third trimester as I finish up my 26th week. We made it home Saturday, I recuperated from the stomach flu, and mid-week this week I was wondering what in the world was wrong with me. Why am I still so tired? Why is the laundry so backed up? Why am I napping two hours a day while Syd naps? It's strange! I'm not sick anymore … oh. Uh. Pregnant.

2. Speaking of laundry backups, help me Rhonda. I finally sorta caught up last night and folded down this monster:

But guess what! I still have a load of clean stuff sitting in a basket on my bed and another in the dryer. *Stabs eye with fork*

3. John has been out of town all week. My big plan to entertain Syd was to get her in the backyard, fill up the wading pool, and let her go nuts. Every day. We also have a little sandbox and some riding toys and bubbles back there and I'm usually ok to sit down in a lawn chair for at least some of the time while she plays. But guess what! It's been raining and cold here all week! In Southern California! In July! How stupid! On Tuesday we went to call on our new neighbors with some chocolate chip banana bread and ended up hanging out for a couple hours. The following day we went to story time at the library, which ended up being super fun (but guess whose kid was the disruptive one! The one who won't sit still and who prefers to turn to her neighbor and say "TICKLE TICKLE!"). We've also hit the park two afternoons this week with plans to go again today. It's actually been refreshing to get out of the house and connect with some people. I ran into an old park buddy and she was all "WOAH! You're PREGNANT!" I hadn't seen her in a looong time.

My other lifesaver this week has been stickers and these cool Crayola markers that only color on certain paper. Not on hands. Not on clothes. Not on the windows. Not on the floor. Not on the furniture. Not on the walls. Syd tried to color on her hand with one the first day I brought them out and she looked at me like "the heck?" I was terribly pleased with myself! They keep her busy for 15 mins or so. I've been trying to incorporate a little independent play into her day each day which is HARD. But she's gotta figure out how to entertain herself because in 13 weeks? Here comes little brother!

4. So when Daddy's out of town guess what happens?! The house decides to wake up EARLY! This morning Syd stirred at 5, Henry stood at the side of the bed whining because he had to go poop, and I was getting kicked by Rocky and was suddenly starving. NO. Just … NO. Syd went back to sleep, Henry went out and did his business, I snuck into the kitchen and got a granola bar and Juicy was the only one to SLEEP THROUGH IT ALL. He was my favorite household member for about 2 hours today.

5. Speaking of Juicy? Another fun thing that's happened while John's been away is that Juicy has been BARKING HIS HEAD OFF AT ME ALL DAY LONG. Awesome. Our basset struggles with ear infections and when he's sick he's usually sorta mellow. For Juicy. That means he only runs away every other day as opposed to EVERY DAY. This week we decided to really stay on top of his ear infection drops and see if we could help him out … and it's working! He feels great! Which means? He's EXTRA ANNOYING. If I put him outside – in the unseasonable "chilly" weather … and let's face it, it's like 65 and barely drizzling – HE BARKS. When I bring him back in to the kitchen, HE WHINES. When I let him back out, HE BARKS. And back in? He WHINES. ALL DAY LONG.

6. Unrelated: Basset Hound for sale.

7. Today I baked a peach crisp in anticipation of dinner company and John's return home tonight. I used my new mixer (it arrived yesterday!) for the topping and OH MY STARS. It felt like cheating. I might have hugged the mixer a little. Or a lot.


I scrimped and saved my Target gift cards and then weaseled the balance (plus shipping!) out of my husband, who loves me and spoils me. I'm sure he knows that he's going to get lots of baked goods out of the deal, though, so it's a win-win. Starting with dessert TONIGHT! WOO!

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6 thoughts on “Seven quick takes from the trenches

  1. Elsha says:

    Two things: Cute pregnancy picture! And: I don’t know how you have been surviving all your life without a kitchen aid. I just don’t know how people do it.

  2. Jen says:

    My KitchenAid Seriously, my love for baking came back tenfold after I got one. Enjoy that peach crisp! Now I want to bust mine out and make something…

  3. Rachel says:

    Where did you get your shirt? It is adorable and I will soon be needing maternity clothes!

  4. seekingclarav says:

    Yes! The color wonder markers! Who cares if the special coloring books will cost me a zillion dollars by the time she’s 5.

    I too love your shirt, do tell.

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