Confidential to all my Apple nerds

So, yes, I have a First World Problem.

You all know that I'm an iPhone junkie. I love me some iPhone. When the iPhone G4 was on the cusp of release A'Dell and I were practically freaking out with JOY. After all! I'm due an upgrade! I'd been saving it for just such an occasion! My father-in-law got his G4 on pre-order the day before they were released in the store. My mom got hers this summer. My husband and I agreed that we'd wait until our visit with family in Montana last week (where there is NO SALES TAX! HEAVEN ON EARTH!) to get it. The sales tax law in California goes like this: you get charged for the full, regular price of the iPhone (something to the tune of $599) and not the upgrade price ($199). Add to this California's 9-ish percent sales tax and suddenly your $199 upgrade turns into a $280 upgrade.

I wish I was joking.

Anyway, they don't have iPhones in Montana. Apparently there aren't any (or enough) AT&T towers to provide the 3G service that iPhones require so they don't even sell them there. Sorry Montana! You guys got screwed! And thanks to you and all your beautiful wide-open expanses where deer frolic and bears roam SO DID I. Humph.

Couple this with the antennae problems people are having with the G4 (they even FIRED the guy who designed the antennae!), the fact that the phones are back-ordered for THREE WEEKS, and the free bumper/case program that mysteriously ends on Sept. 30 …

It makes me wonder if I should just wait and see if they come out with a updated G4 with a fixed antennae before I sign up for another 2 year contract (and therefore avoid getting stuck with the problematic G4 of today).

The problem? I have a baby due to drop the first week of October. Which means I could end up waiting even LONGER. And they might not even come out with a fixed version of the G4. And ever since the 4.0 software update my G3 is SLOWER THAN MOLASSES and regularly quits in the middle of applications. I HATE IT (in an "I love it" sort of way). And if I end up waiting to upgrade my 3G I could totally miss out on a free case in the incidence that they don't come out with an improved version of the G4. BOO HISS.

And so? Steve Jobs? Call me. A pregnant lady needs to know.


7 thoughts on “Confidential to all my Apple nerds

  1. A'Dell says:

    My 2g never dropped a single call and this new iPhone 4 drops them REGULARLY. It is so annoying.

    I don’t think they’ll come out with a new phone, with new hardware fixes before next June. I also don’t think a bumper solves it.

    But, to me, since I was on the 2g and it was sucktacular and beat to hell, I’m overall pretty happy with my 4.

    I’d get it. 2 years goes faster than you think. Plus? THEN WE CAN FACE TIME CHAT!!

  2. morgan s. says:

    Can you upgrade online and I will pick it up for you from a store here and ship it to you? Oregon has no sales tax either and iphones are part of the required uniform here along with your fleece vest and subaru outback wagon.

  3. larmar says:

    kind of glad in a selfish way to hear that your 3g is slow since updating… because mine is too, and I thought it was just my ability to adversely affect any type of technology that comes my way. Good to know it’s not just me!

    also- please DO come visit! We would LOVE to have you! And what better conditions to introduce our children than by letting them frolick in England together!?

  4. Courtney says:

    Ummm… I still haven’t joined the smartphone world…texting for me takes 5 minutes to write one word. My Dad always told me you never buy the first model of something that has been changed-you wait till the next version comes out. This way all the kinks have (hopefully) been ironed out. You may have to wait a bit,but it should be worth it. You will survive!

  5. Mindi Jentes says:

    Check out the Sprint HTC EVO! It totally kicks ass! And in all reviews buries the iPhone, be it 4G or 3G. This is little gizmo is rockin and rollin and sure to be reliable come squattin day! 🙂

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