When the cat’s away, the mice will … spruce up the bathroom

When we first moved into our house in 2007 I had an epic quarter-life crisis over choosing shower curtains for our two bathrooms (oh you funny little girl who had no children! The things you worried over!). For our guest bathroom – that is now our "kids' bathroom" – I finally settled on a kitchy! yet informative! vinyl map of the world shower curtain from Target. I never did get a "real" shower curtain for the master bath … I was soon pregnant and had more important things to tend to like the contents of my cupboards and refrigerator.

Now that we're soon expecting our second baby I am nesting like crazy. We've already cleaned out the garage, organized all our files, cleaned out my closet (goodbye size 8 jeans! Goodbye pointy four-inch heels! I hardly knew ye!), and we are currently working on transforming our guest room (that was formerly the office which in plainspeak means IT IS FULL OF JUNK) into a guest room/place for Rocky to sleep. I am wearing myself thin these days because I can hardly stand to sit still while there are books to be rearranged on book shelves and better! more ergonomic! places to store things like Sydney's Tylenol bottles and Vick's. Who can rest when there are old toiletries clogging up spaces that could be empty! and vast! Not me!

And so when my husband left town on a backpacking trip last week my little bird feathers started twitching and before I knew it I found myself redesigning the entire guest bath. I thought to myself "How on EARTH will I be a respectable mother of TWO if I don't have a more kid-friendly bathroom to bathe my POOR CHILDREN in?! Think of the therapy they'll have to endure as adults!" Hence-to-fore, I came upon this perfect, gender-neutral shower curtain that didn't clash with the HORRID tile in this particular water closet … and well? All hell broke loose. Suddenly I was PRIDING myself on how I didn't just buy all the fragile matching accessories and instead investigated my surroundings for things that tied in (and were cheaper!) and were also – yes! it's true! – kid AND Organizing Crazy-Mama friendly! High five for me!

Anyway, here's how it turned out. I can't help but visit our new bathroom and admire it several times daily. Because I am a nerd. And also? Move at the speed of a cruise ship and and for all intents and purposes am now housebound unless chaperoned. Being as wide as you are tall will do that to a person.



I have to say that I'm particularly proud of the over-the-toilet organizer (which is apparently also called an etagere. Whatevs). For one? I assembled it while sitting at the dining room table with my daughter as she chucked handfuls of yogurt in my general direction and screamed baby-expletives at me. Also? I cannot believe that I never thought of this before as a way to add much-needed storage to our bathroom. As a bonus? Until my daughter realizes she can climb up on the toilet (shouldn't be long! Did you see this?), I can put the No-No Don't Touch things in there. YAY! Now there's finally ONE place in my house that she can't disturb with her 36-inch long self. No matter that the shelves are on upside down. NO MATTER.

Also, what is it about redecorating that inspires you to, you know, CLEAN THE BATHROOM? And, you know, CLOSE THE SHOWER CURTAIN?



The map shower curtain has found new life in the master bathroom. All now seems right with the (bathrooms of the) world. Thus ends the ridiculously long post about my bathroom featuring way too many photos of the toilet.

And let me ask you this, did your house also get in tip-top shape while you were pregnant OR WHAT?!


10 thoughts on “When the cat’s away, the mice will … spruce up the bathroom

  1. Sara says:

    Love that new shower curtain…before too long I’ll have to kid friendly up our guest bathroom and that might be perfect. Off to Target…with haste!

  2. Sheila says:

    I luuuuuurve the new shower curtain!

    However… are you telling me that Sydney won’t climb onto the toilet and reach for every single thing in those baskets? Because I have the exact same etagere, and Samuel (21 months) has decided it’s his favorite place to play the grab everything game.

    If this is what you’re saying… I am JEALOUS.

  3. Emily in IL says:

    Actually, it’s funny that you posted this TODAY. Right this moment I am 16 wks pregnant and ‘working from home’ while I ‘supervise’ a handy man who is replacing all the doors on our second floor.

    We’ve been here 7 years and NOW I decided it was time to replace the broken, double drilled, won’t close properly doors. Umm – yeah – I guess that has to do with the 16 week invader.

    We’re also planning: painting (same guy), new light fixtures, etc etc etc.

    Who knew I needed to add a ‘home improvement’ line item to the ‘yay we’re having a baby’ budget…

  4. melody a. huddle says:

    I think your bathroom looks great. It makes the room look much bigger, and I really like the tile colors with the aqua blend. You make a house a home. Love you Mama

  5. Elsha says:

    Apparently I missed out on the nesting gene. I did pretty much no nesting with either baby. I’m jealous of you nesters! Your bathroom is so cute and organized!

  6. little miss mel says:

    Way cute! If she does end up getting into your business above the toilet, you can always put towels there, like hotels do. Clean and neat! Or ideal items to make tents or capes with. ha

    Nice work!

  7. Ashley says:

    Very cute. I love the shower curtain! It’s funny the things that excite us – I was equally pleased with myself when I managed to fix up our kids’ bathroom without buying all the matchy-matchy accessories. :o)

  8. Sara says:

    I love it! Love the colors too! I’m in full-blown nesting mode right now too. Although I’m not pregnant. Maybe it’s just something in the air. And now you’ve inspired me to rethink about my guest bathroom!

  9. sally says:

    WOW!!!Looks lovely and very inviting. I am eager to use all the bathroom accessories and give our precious girl a bath. Love you.

  10. seekingclarav says:

    Love it, it looks so good. I’d def. pee in there! And yes, at 28 weeks huge I can hardly sleep at night due to the mental to-do lists that are running through my amniotic filled brain. In fact, I have my husband’s drill charging (shhh!) as I type cause the minute the sitter gets here I am going to change out the curtains in our bedroom and add new rods, etc…then go to Target or BBBeyond for a new duvet. If only Ikea were closer.

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