This week.

It's only Tuesday. And so far? This week is KILLING ME.

Monday: Hottest day in Southern California history! Also the day I run out of diapers and have to leave the house to go to Target with my toddler in tow! For a fun side trip I take Syd to the frozen yogurt shop and end up with chocolate yogurt in my bra (my fault, not hers). I then proceed to walk around Target with my entire bra showing in the front. I wish I was exaggerating, but no, the spaghetti strap maternity tank top I was wearing got totally stretched out by the heat and dragging a 2-year-old in and out of the car and yep, had no idea until I caught a man in line totally staring at my boobs, which were conveniently HANGING OUT! This is also the day that Sydney discovers that she really, really enjoys pushing the "off" button on our dinky window unit a.c. (that's right! No air conditioning at my house!). And to add insult to injury? NO NAP.

Tuesday, 2:30 am: Rocky finally finds a nerve to lie on, which drives me out of bed with my left hip in searing pain. I can't lie down in any position, sit nor stand without pain for 30 minutes. AWESOME.

Tuesday: My daughter becomes the playground bully at Mommy & Me class, which means that I am on my feet chasing her for the entire sweltering 30 minutes we're outside. She had to have time out many times and apologize to no less than three kids. Because she is smacking everyone upside the head, she is wrongfully accused of hitting the one child she actually DID NOT HIT. Let. me. die. Then we get home? NO NAP. And guess what else? I try to turn on the television and it will not turn on. So, no silent stretches of Sesame Street or Dora for this enormous, sweating, exhausted pregnant lady. I called my husband in near tears begging him to come home and swap out the front room telly for the one in our bedroom so we can survive the rest of the day and so I can watch Glee. He's on his way, and thank goodness, because the t.v. repairman doesn't show up until Thursday afternoon.

(Edited to add: Because we are weird, we have no cable and no DVR – GASP! – we watch television with the use of an antennae. Which apparently? Is not compatible with our second – and much NEWER – television. Which means? No Glee for me. But at least I have Dora to lean on again. My full laundry baskets might actually get emptied and dinner might actually get made as a result. LE SIGH.)

How's your week going? I hope unicorns are farting rainbows at your house to balance out the universe.


3 thoughts on “This week.

  1. Larmar says:

    Ay. Hang in there!! You’re so close!! The heat (uhm, did someone forget to tell CA that it was almost October!??) will be much more tolerable sans the belly!

  2. seekingclarav says:

    Oh man. I feel for you. We are in the East Bay and it is moronically hot here too. I thought I was all smart and sassy getting knocked up in Feb. thinking my biggest months would be, at least, not during the sweltering summer months. Nooooo. They are during the sweltering fall months. Blasphemy.

    Hey I never get to watch tv on time either and babeh number 2 budgeting made for the removal of our gorgeous dvr (and accompanying HD channels, sigh) so now I watch most of my tv shows on me lap top. Hulu or the network website outta work for you. Hang in sister.

  3. erika says:

    Haha. It’s only funny b/c 2 days ago I had such a fabulous string of joy that I wrote a long e-mail to a friend entitled

    Unicorns are pooing rainbows and stuff.

    Still, I hope things lighten up for you.

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