Settling in

Last week I wrote a huge, long post about how things are going since we've brought Elijah home and then Typepad promptly got diarrhea and I lost the whole thing. That'll teach me to waste precious naptime on a blog post! HUMPH!

In short, we're doing great. My mom left tonight after three weeks with us (SAD FACE!) so I'm sure tomorrow will be interesting even though my awesome mom-in-law is still here with us!! Our first week home was very emotional for me. I got overwhelmed my first night in the house with both kids and cried a lot the first 48 hours (mostly over not being able to rock Syd and put her to bed when she specifically asks for me. It's just as hard as I expected it to be … 3.5 weeks to go until I can pick her up!). Every day gets easier.

I'm exhausted from the night feedings but at the same time I'm really glad that nursing is going so well. It's going REALLY well! Elijah is gaining steadily and LURVES to nurse. I like to joke that it's why he made an early arrival … he couldn't wait to breastfeed! He latched on at 3 am the morning after his birth and has been going strong ever since. We're considering it a huge answer to prayer. I haven't touched my breast pump or washed a single shield. We are working on getting the boy to take a paci so that I can sleep between feedings (he likes to "hang out" on mama. Oh dear), but so far he just spits it out. We will try a bottle or two in the next week or so but I'm not in a rush. I'm enjoying nursing my baby this time around SO MUCH.

Speaking of enjoying my baby … I feel great. I can't believe how fast I'm bouncing back this time. It's definitely true what they say about the second c-section being easier! It is!! After the first 18 hours in the hospital I started feeling great and it's been uphill since. I'm healing well and have had no complications. It's made having a tiny baby so much more wonderful this time around. The fact that he started out nearly TWO POUNDS LIGHTER than his sister was also very helpful I'm sure. He is such a sweet, chilled out little guy. He loves to be held and he is also content to just hang out in his bouncy chair. He is opening his eyes a lot and looking around and he makes the funniest expressions. He totally has my mouth and chin and the rest is a clone of John … except the hair. He has SO MUCH HAIR and it is SO dark. I am already predicting blue eyes. Syd's eyes were almost immediately brown but this kid's look blue through and through. It'll be fun to see how they turn out!!

Sydney LOVES her brother. She has not acted out toward him one single time. KNOCK ON WOOD. She has had some outbursts toward others that make it clear that she's adjusting, but overall she seems to be doing really, really well. Today we took them both in the car to Costco for the first time and when Elijah started fussing she took his hand and started cooing to him "It's ok!!" I DIE. Stuff like this happens EVERY DAY. The hardest thing on her is definitely that I'm not as available as usual (and this has been so, so hard on me too) but we are figuring it out. We'll get there.


I have so many posts to catch up on soon. I will try. If this one publishes then there's a good chance I'll try again in a few days, ha ha!

Thanks for checking in. Hope you're all doing well!


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