Halloween for two

Guys, in many ways I'm a Halloween failure:

Our porch light is broken.

I ate most of the Twix bars and Kit Kats out of the bag of mixed candy, leaving behind the plain M&Ms, Crunch Bars and Almond Joys for the little twerps in costumes.

Instead of carving pumpkins, Syd and John colored on ours with Sharpie markers about 5 seconds before they headed out the door.

But you know what? In terms of Halloween? I'm feeling REALLY proud this year:






Hope you're all having a great spooky night too.


9 thoughts on “Halloween for two

  1. A'Dell says:

    Both of your kids had costumes, which is pretty good in my book. Claire had no cosutme but she had a sort of Halloween themed outfit, which seemed to do the job.

    Looks like fun!!

  2. sally says:

    Elijah looks less than thrilled with his costume, but he might as well get used to that. Syd looks so cute and happy. My blue-eyed boy and brown-eyed girl are very loved.

  3. Maura says:

    Lady, you just had a BABY. That you had both kids in costumes and didn’t eat ALL the candy is a success in and of itself. Hell, I didn’t buy candy, didn’t plan a costume or even go out this weekend. I’m 31, going on 85.

  4. Cheri Kay Sessions says:

    They are adorable Amanda!!!!! Don’t feel bad, we didn’t carve, color, marker or anything pumpkins!!!! The kids had a blast with their cousins though! I had Spider man and Diva Bug (sorta a dolled up lady bug….who I naturally called my diva!!!) miss ya’

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