More to love … more to lose

I am not one for New Years Resolutions. When I was younger I made lists of things I planned to do that year and usually I'd peter out after one month (at BEST). I was disappointed when I looked back at all the unrealistic goals I'd bailed on. Some goals seemed to always be weight/diet/exercise-related: Run more, work out five times a week, lose 20 pounds, etc. But no more. The extent of my resolutions when the clock strikes midnight is usually stuff like "floss more" and "use the nice towels."

It's not that I never make goals and accomplish them … it's that I'm the type of person who has to be ready to move forward. When I'm ready to do something, I do it. Something in my brain just clicks and I'm at a starting line.

And you guessed it … I'm ready to start losing the baby weight. Elijah is almost three months old and for weeks it's been nagging in my brain that it's time to get going. And so I decided that after Jan. 1 it was time to sign back up for Weight Watchers (I did that yesterday). This decision also (quite conveniently!) happened to coincide with my buddy Jennie's 12-week Biggest Blogging Loser competition. So I threw my $20 into the pot yesterday and stepped on my scale to have a starting point.

And then the damndest thing happened: THE SCALE BROKE. Talk about a sucker punch to the spirit! You can't make that kind of crap up! According to my now-broken scale my starting weight is 176. Not bad considering that six months after Sydney was born I weighed in (on the same scale) at 183.5 pounds. But not good considering that I am barely 5'5" tall. Yeesh. But, Self, I cut you some slack. You just had a big ole baby. He was worth being a giant softie.

IMG_3196 "Before."

So here we go. I've ordered a new scale (and I have to say that I'm pretty excited about this fancy thing! Expect my updated starting weight soon … my home scale is -5 pounds compared to my doctor's and I hear the new one is going to be pretty accurate so, yeah, I'm SCARED. It arrives tomorrow).

My hope is that in 12 weeks I will have lost 20+ pounds. I was able to shed 30 pounds after having Sydney and would like to do the same this time (but it's ok with me if I don't do it in 12 weeks). So my goal right now is 145 pounds or less (to be adjusted to the new fancy scale). A healthy BMI for a woman my height is between 120-150 pounds (but around 140 pounds is probably as low as I'll go … I have an athletic build and at my lightest adult weight was 130ish pounds … in my early twenties. When I ate and drank whatever I wanted. Oh, thems was the days!). I am a comfortable size 8-10 when I am at a healthy weight (right now I'm a 12). My goal weight is currently set at 138 on

And for the record, I talk numbers because that's all they are in my head. They really don't mean anything to me other than a frame of reference to track my progress. I know I'm doing well when I have more energy, can do 20+ pushups with Jillian, and can slip on (and button!) my favorite jean jacket. I could give a rip if people know what I weigh. As long as I feel good and like how I look then I'm good. Under normal circumstances I don't weigh myself much if at all.

And so? See ya on March 28, Ole Blue.


8 thoughts on “More to love … more to lose

  1. Elizabeth says:

    We have basically the same numbers, and I feel much the same way you do. 125 would be nice, of course, but I would be thrilled with fitting into my old pants and with 140 ish. And I am super psyched about BBL!

  2. Maura says:

    I think you look pretty darn good for having given birth 3 months ago! Good luck on BBL and WW!

    One of my goals this year is to be able to do ONE non-girlie pushup. The fact you can do TWENTY?! Goodness, woman. That’s impressive.

  3. Sarah in Ottawa says:

    I am one month ahead of you (Veronica was born at the end of August; Teddy is about 6 months younger than Syd) and 1 inch shorter and I think your attitude is awesome! I, too, am trying to lose at least 10 lbs so I can hit 140, but have some restrictions on the type of exercise I am allowed to do (boo!). I think I just need to limit my eating, though that is easier said than done when nursing!

    My big motivator? We’re going on vacation at the end of February and I want to be able to fit into my capris. The ones I wear when I am not pregnant!

  4. Mama Bub says:

    Good luck to you! I ordered my first scale in, well, EVER for this competition. So far it’s nice for weighing the baby between doctor’s appointments. Here’s hoping I can stick with BBL for 12 weeks.

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