The scale has spoken

(Here's how this whole thing started.)


(That's right Official Creepy People. I just posted a photo of my feet AND my weight on the freaking internet. Consider yourself on HIGH ALERT.)

(I would also like to state for the record that I am also not afraid to say the name Voldemort. VOLDEMORT! VOLDEMORT!)

(Also? What's sad is that I think I've lost a few pounds this week. Or like a pound and a half. WHATEVER. I'm TRYING. I got on the old broken scale and got it to spit out a number one last time before it totally and completely died on me and it said 175 so I think I actually weighed 181 on Monday. Which means that back in the day? I weighed 189. Holy mother of Chachi.)

(ANYWAY. This scale is now how I track my weight loss. There is no more, "Well, on MY scale I weigh *insert number that is actually five pounds less than what I weigh at my doctor's office*" HOW SAD. We'll miss you old, lying, innacurate scale who BROKE IN AGREEMENT when I had just finally decided to lose some weight thankyouverymuch.)

(If this does not prove that I don't care who knows my weight then I don't know what will.)


(This scale is actually pretty great. We figured out that Elijah now weighs 15 pounds, 2 ounces. That's right. I have a 3-month-old who is the size of a grown man. He also is now in size 2 diapers and wears 6-month-old size clothes. And he has big dimples that are so cute that it makes you fall over when he smiles at you. I have informed him that he is allowed to kiss NO GIRLS except his mother and his sister … maybe grandmas and aunts too I guess.)

(I tried to warn you. Now pick yourself up off the floor.)

(So I guess this whole thing begs the question: How much do YOU weigh?)

(I did show you mine, after all.)


15 thoughts on “The scale has spoken

  1. mrs.notouching says:

    I feel your weight pain. Have a giant 5-month old who is the size – and I quote our pediatrician “the average 9 month old”… and I weight 160lbs… without the baby.

  2. Arwen says:

    According to my own awesome digital scale before bed tonight, I weighed 181.0. Hooray, I guess. Growing babies and all that.

    This post totally made me laugh! VOLDEMORT!

  3. Sarah in Ottawa says:

    I am just over 4 months postpartum and I’m at 151. I’d like to get to 140ish before our trip, but it’s 7 weeks away so we’ll see.

    Elijah is a cutie! Veronica is 16lbs 3 oz as of yesterday, but 15lbs at 3 months is awesome! Go, baby, go!

  4. Raven says:

    He is precious!

    I have no idea how much I weigh and the only scale I own is my Wii Fit which I haven’t so much as turned on in…um….yeah.

  5. Michelle says:

    Well, I’m all about being accountable and actually trying to lose weight this year, so, late last week I weighed in at 210.2 pounds. I did have a scale incident…apparently the batteries were dying…and when I replaced them, I weighed about two pounds more. So, when I got on the scale today, I weighed 210.8 pounds. Not what you want to see after five days of Weight Watchers. But, I’m being optimistic and know that my number next week will be more accurate.

  6. MamaBub says:

    155 as of Monday. And my seven month old baby girl wears 18 month clothes. Chubby baby club! My pediatrician never forgets to comment that “she must not miss any meals!” Now if only I could be one of those people for whom breastfeeding was the magical weight loss solution.

  7. Nichole says:

    I’m doing the biggest blogging loser thing too, but I’m not ready to share my weight just yet. I’ll say this, though: It’s higher than yours, and I’m shorter than you, and my “baby” is 3.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    We are almost exactly the same, my starting weight was 176 ish. Gulp. BUT the higher you start, the better chance you have of winning when you lose 40 pounds! Right?! Yeah!

  9. Lizzie says:

    Um, I totally want one of those little men. Like tomorrow. Good thing I have less than 3 months to wait. (happy sigh)

    You gonna be smoooooo-kin! You gonna kiiiiick butt!

  10. Julie says:

    Just for the fun of sharing, I’m 5’6″, and have never had any babies, (although we are trying!!!) and I weigh 160-163 depending on the day.

  11. Elsha says:

    I’ll be posting it on my blog too (probably complete with foot/scale picture and all) but since you asked; I weigh 142.6 as of weigh in. I’m 5’4″ and the baby is a year old now so no more excuses!

  12. jen says:

    I was up to 189 at 9 months pregnant and it took 1 year to lose the 60 pounds I gained. My daughter is now 18 months, is in size 18 months and I am happily down to 127 lbs. Keep on breastfeeding. It makes weight watchers so much easier. Good luck!

  13. Maura says:

    I weigh… (get ready, it’s a math problem):

    8 sacks of sugar,
    12 sacks of flour, and
    164 sticks of butter.

    (You didn’t think I was just going to come out and TELL you…)

    And all those delicious things contributed to my current weight. No babies. Just cookies.

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