Monday’s weigh-in

In short? Depsite a major BBQ transgression last week, my body is agreement with this whole "quit eating so much crap" thing I'm doing.

IMG_3212 -4.2 pounds

Who knew?

(and I rewarded myself by going absolutely nutballs at Disneyland yesterday. Turkey leg? Check. Ice cream? Check. Cookies? Check. HOLY CHECK. I seriously used 82 points yesterday. OOPS.)

(also I am so majorly sick. It is not even funny. We have SO FAR skated by without getting stomach flu even though FIVE family members with whom we have had direct contact came down with it last week. John and I got nailed with a bad cold, lost our voices and mine has now escalated into Antibiotics Territory while he seems to be on the mend … also he can take DayQuil and Mucinex as he has no one to breastfeed. I thought I was feeling better yesterday but I was a coughing mess last night until FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING; that was only when I rounded up some cough drops and resigned to sleeping with one in my mouth. The baby was soon up at 7 am. Then I accidentally drank decaf coffee this morning instead of regular. LET ME DIE.)

(But I will say that it is nice to sick while my family is in town to entertain my two-year-old until she collapses in a grateful heap of nap instead of her usual protesting)

(what is with me and the parenthesis lately?)


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