Seven link-y takes.

1. Ok so someone's been holding out on me! This week we needed to grab a quick breakfast and (thankfully) we live nowhere near a McDonald's drive thru so we hit our neighborhood Subway instead. I picked up an egg white sandwich on flatbread with ham, cheese, green pepper and red onion and MY LANDS it was AWESOME. I've been craving it every day since I had it! Dang. I love food.

2. A couple links I'd like to share:

My friends Alexa and Seth started their own business! Such a cool concept.

My friend Nate fell 60 feet while ice climbing in NH a month ago and lived to tell the tale. When the accident happened a film crew was with his team and made a short film about it. (Beware, the 13-min film contains actual footage of his fall and it's pretty intense.)

3. Disneyland was so awesome.



4. Elijah started rice cereal this week. I'm pretty sure this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. After his dinner meal on Wednesday he slept a solid six hours. I LOVE YOU FOOD.

5. Yes, I realize that I've declared my love for food twice in this post. And so I must now share three of my best new recipes.

Red beans and rice (I just throw it all in the crock pot in the morning. It is SO GOOD).

Beef stew with Beer and Paprika.

Cauliflower soup.

6. Dude. THE BLATHERING. You want to go to there. ME TOO (and I AM!).

7. I bought this shampoo this week. I needed to be (as promised!) invigorated! With the rosemary! And the mint!

My hair smells like toothpaste. Be ye warned.

More Quick Takes here.


2 thoughts on “Seven link-y takes.

  1. Sheila says:

    I bought some of that shampoo and conditioner, too… I don’t mind it so much, but I can’t use it every day.

    Also. Super jealous about the Blathering– this will be THREE years running that I haven’t been able to make it!

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