Needless to say, The Pioneer Woman does not follow me on Twitter.

SO. Something happened Monday.

There was some Twitter discussion about The Pioneer Woman after my blog post yesterday that mentioned her. People were in awe of my discovery that she earns such a good living from her blogging endeavors (God bless Google for making me feel important and like I, uh, know stuff!). We all agreed, however, that she's workin' it. I mean just LOOK. Her blog is awesome: it has great content. Gorgeous photos, it is updated frequently, her life is interesting, and her writing is entertaining. And can we talk about the food?! I have made so many of her recipes for my family with great success, accolades even! Mo' POWAH!

It goes without saying that I am on Team Ree. And as I said yesterday … I wish I could do exactly what she does. And I wouldn't mind the boots. My goodness I love boots.

And so when I have these thoughts what is the imperative next step? Why I must tweet them, of course!


Many a time have I tweeted and assumed that my little thought has blown away in the wind. Many a time my mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law (WHAT UP GIRLS! MY THREE READERS I LOVE YOU!!) come back and say "OH! That thing! That random thing you said! How did that turn out?" And I have no idea what they're talking about until they tell me they read it on Twitter. On MY Twitter stream, specifically. Oops.

But yesterday was not one of those days when I could just Tweet into the void. Imagine getting a reply notification like this:


After the shock and awe wears off, after you favorite and re-tweet that sucker like a moron, after you @ reply while trying to totally maintain your cool and NOT for the love of all that is holy use an emoticon, you realize this:

You've referenced your blog. Your blog where the most recent post talks up that same VERY FAMOUS PERSON'S SKIRT. You talk about how much MONEY that person makes and how much MONEY they spent on their camera. And you realize that very same person is just one click away from seeing what a total and complete horse's ass you are.

Pass the smelling salts.


And this, my friends? Is exactly why I am no @thepioneerwoman. And it's needless to say that I am not expecting an invitation to a cooking demonstration at The Lodge anytime soon.

(But I really do love this blogging stuff, if it's all the same.)


4 thoughts on “Needless to say, The Pioneer Woman does not follow me on Twitter.

  1. Heather R says:

    I also would have died! (Hi, it’s Heather from the meal planning calendar) Swistle recently commented on one of my FB posts and I couldn’t believe it, because she is FAMOUS!

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