Finally! A fashion show! (the long-awaited FINAL Le Creuset update)

This post has been sponsored by Aunt Becky and Uncle Paul. The greatest aunt and uncle in-laws of ALL TIME.

YOU GUYS. I have someone to introduce to you.

I like to call him Big Poppa.

But first, I need to take you through the final stages of IMPORTANT and LIFE-ALTERING decision-making that brought Big Poppa into our lives and changed them forever.

As you know (if you've been following me in my over-drama that is), I was struggling over which size and shape to order. Should I choose an oval shape in the color I wanted or go with the size and shape I wanted in a different color? Here's the review from my current favorite cookbook that put me over the edge:


Ok then. DONE. Round 7 1/4 quart IT IS.

It was a full 48 hours later before I could actually decide on a color. I remembered a letter to myself that I wrote long ago and the basic premise was this: When in doubt? Go neutral. I couldn't bring myself to go with pure white, so I ended up settling on the apparently off-white "Dune."

And then? I waited. Every day when I heard the squealing brakes of a truck of any kind on our street I ran to the door and peeked out the curtains like the TOTAL NERD I AM.

And then? The day after Valentine's Day? It arrived. Feb. 15, 2011.




And it was all I hoped it could be.

I rearranged my kitchen so Big Poppa could get to know Baby Blue.


And Big Poppa's been working hard and living up to his reputation ever since.

We've made lots of awesome recipes … cauliflower soup, red beans and rice, beef stew, white chicken chili (the best of which is this beef stew with red wine, carrots and peas MAKE IT RIGHT NOW IT IS AWESOME!). And barring a catastrophe, I see us having a long and happy life together.

Welcome to the family Big Poppa. Long may you reign in the Inside Dog kitchen.


And this concludes the Le Creuset Saga. I've sold the movie rights so be on the lookout for the movie, in which I am – quite obviously – played by Jennifer Garner.

(For my favorite recipes, kitchen tools and love letters to food, check out my food blog.)


5 thoughts on “Finally! A fashion show! (the long-awaited FINAL Le Creuset update)

  1. Larmar says:

    yahoo! today, Paul and I stumbled across a whole STORE for le creuset. a WHOLE STORE. I was in heaven, but then I woke up when I walked out empty-handed. sad ending.

  2. kirida says:

    There’s a Le Creuset outlet in Oregon and I remember walking in there and wanting to buy EVERYTHING. I don’t know why I didn’t because I still think of that store to this day. But yay for Big Poppa!

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