Bam it!

My husband taught my daughter to say "Bam!" and slam her hand on the table when she's eating something she likes, å la Emeril Lagasse. It's really adorable when she does it because she has such a flair and drama about it. She is already so expressive … an actress to the core.


And so the expression has now developed for when my husband and daughter are going to express their pleasure over what they're eating …. "Let's 'bam' it!" (can you tell where this is going?)

The other day Syd dropped something on the floor, which I guess made a loud sound like when she and Daddy bang their hand on the table? "Mama! I bammed it! BAM IT!"

And when a two-year-old says "Bam it!"? It sounds like ….


Which is awesome when she drops her sippy cup at Target and then yells, "BAM IT!" and it sounds like your little kid has learned to say "DAMMIT!" Wanna see eyebrows shoot up through the roof? There ya go.

(and where on EARTH would she learn such a word? Certainly not from her Puritanical Mama! Ahem.)



7 thoughts on “Bam it!

  1. A'Dell says:

    Claire took one look at that picture and said, “That little girl has a donut. I want a donut.”

    They are getting too smart for us.

  2. Michelle Smith says:

    My 2 yo son is currently OBSESSED with flags. Whenever we are out and we see one (which is everywhere… I never knew there were THAT many flags around) he yells “FAG” at the top of his lungs. Nice.

    We’ve taught him to yell “Stars and Stripes” instead and we’ve been steadily working toward FLag.


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