A common series of events.

I start a pot of chicken broth to boil so I can make some quinoa. I forget about it. And the pot boils down to nothing and burns.

I look into the preschool that a friend from Mommy & Me class could not stop gushing about. I finally have preschool HOPE! Small classes! Very reasonable price! Awesome and attentive teachers! It's ok to not be fully potty trained! Guess how much it costs? $450 a month for two days a week OH HO HA HA THAT'S FUNNY.

Sydney and I play "camping," a game in which we throw a blanket over our heads in the living room. She says "Mama, you stay under here, I go get a book." She then proceeds to jump on my head and totally ring my bell.

After I recover I decide it's naptime. I take her to the potty, her pull up is wet. She fake pees on the toilet and tries to stall naptime by going for a ball that's in the bathroom. Since I'm leading her out, she's not watching where she's going and she runs headfirst into the door. HARD.

I collect my weeping and sobbing mess of a daughter in my arms and as I walk into her room I step on a lotion bottle and it fires a wad all over my other leg and the bookcase behind it.

And then this … a wholly new development in the saga of The Baby Who Will Not Sleep:


What on EARTH do I DO? Just leave him there? I'm scared to death to move him because … uh, DOES NOT SLEEP.


7 thoughts on “A common series of events.

  1. Jenny says:

    $450??! Yikes! You should move back to IL. I only pay $68 a month for 2 morning/week class.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The preschools we could afford were 1. co-ops 2. church preschools and 3. the one we go to, through the parks and rec dept.
    Also, your child, despite NOT SLEEPING, is of the utmost adorableness.

  3. Michelle says:

    First, I would totally leave the kid in the high chair to sleep, but that is probably one of the reasons I will not be winning any mother if the year awards!

    As far as preschool, we pay $96 for my two year old to go to daycare two days a week in Illinois, so $450 seems about right in California since everything is so much more expensive there.

  4. Larmar says:

    Cut your ties, come to England. Each child is given 15 hours a week FREE of preschool after they turn 3. Something I think is totally needed in the States.

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