Elsewhere on the internet …

I have some posts up at Style Lush that you might be interested in checking out!

Confessions of a Spray Paint Addict: I Love Rust-Oleum Colonial Red Gloss Spray Paint

Currently coveting: Handmade rosette jewelry

In the spring rotation: Yellow Coach purse

Keep it hip: TOMS Cordones

My new hair/my new hair product: Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly mousse

An update: Help me pick a second baby monitor


You can also follow me on Pinterest! (are you on Pinterest?)


I can be found on Instagram as insidedog


As I'm sure you know, I'm also on Twitter! Like ALL THE TIME!


And you can subscribe to this blog's feed!


(and just for fun, I updated my About Me page.)


I'm also toying with the idea of creating a new Facebook page for this blog so you can get updates there. Is that LAME? I guess if you think it's NOT lame, go over there and click "like" and I'll work on it. MAYBE.

Have a great Friday. If I can get the little people to stop talking to me long enough I have some posts in the chamber for next week. HOO BOY LITTLE PEOPLE LIKE TO TALK TO ME. And they don't like to nap. Which is why I was up until 1 am last night tweaking my website design and updating my banner image (you have to click over from your reader to see it). By the way, do you guys have the Google "next" button installed on your toolbar yet? It has brought the fun of reading blogs back to my humble little Macbook. Also, adding to my joy is that John DOUBLED my computer's RAM in a Magical Husband Move yesterday so instead of cursing a rainbow wheel right now I'm actually TYPING WORDS!! And I didn't even have to delete all my photos! WOO!

I'm a little tempted to buy more po-pos. Just for the quiet (update: because she's still sleeping at night! The not napping thing probably helps with that. Oops.)

And I have to correct myself: Elijah does nap sometimes.


Mid-bite, that is.

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