More confessions of a spray paint addict

Recently I posted over at Style Lush about a spray paint project.


I still LOVE how this old table turned out! And the truth is? It kinda awoke a sleeping monster within me. To say the least I've spray painted some other things, many of them with my beloved Colonial Red Gloss (if you come over to my house any time soon you'll see that our t.v. room is undergoing a red-accent enhancement).


We received these lovely Target candlesticks as a wedding gift seven years ago. My style has changed since then and these guys were hanging out in the garage until they got a new lease on life … and the mantle!


These directors chairs were my parents' when they were a young married couple. My mom passed them on to me when I moved out of the house and we used them outside for a few years here in Southern California. They got pretty weathered and messed up and I had plans to paint and fix them up LAST SUMMER (when I was pregnant) but my husband vetoed me spray painting while pregnant (he was right). I finally got back around to these – and it's not a perfect job – but it's pretty awesome to have these old buddies back in the house again. I'd like to eventually make new seats and backs for these but it'll have to wait until I go on a sewing binge … in like a year. HA!


Last summer we found this old dresser on Craigslist and repainted it for my daughter's room. Even though we searched high and low, we couldn't find pulls that a) matched and b) fit all the weird mis-matched drawer pulls. I didn't want to drill new holes so I just mixed and matched hardware that I had. I found the pulls on the center drawers at Target on clearance and was so pumped when they fit! Too bad the whole thing just looked awkward! One day I pulled the knobs off and painted them all Berry Pink. This is my favorite (and easiest!) spray-paint project so far! It made such a huge difference in the look of the dresser and picks up a pink stripe in the rug in her room perfectly. And no one else has a dresser like this … I love that!

Kitchen chairs

We had two of these kitchen chairs. My mom grabbed these at Goodwill for me so I'd have seating at one of my many college apartments. They were pretty unattractive (the seat covers were this total 70s brown vinyl … and I'm pretty sure someone had plans to fix these guys up at some point but abandoned the project because the seat covers were NOT attached to the chair!! Yes! We sat on them this way for nearly NINE YEARS). But! They're decent, sturdy, heavy wood chairs that I haven't been able to part with. A little sanding, a little espresso brown spray paint, some leftover shower curtain and a staple gun and there ya go. An afternoon is all it took (and I just got a glue gun so I will finally attach those seat cushions … one of these days).

Are you a spray painter? What have you fixed up lately? What is the weirdest thing you've ever spray painted?


5 thoughts on “More confessions of a spray paint addict

  1. Jessica says:

    This is amazing. Do you want to come spray paint at my house? I’m pregnant, but I’m sure there’s lots that could be spray painted around here.

  2. Katie says:

    Great job! I’m all about giving things a new lease on life. My next project is going to be to spray paint all the door hinges in my house to match our new bronze knobs. My husband thinks I’m crazy but once he saw that new hinges cost $6.99 each he jumped right on board.

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