No sleep till Brooklyn

Well I bet you thought you were safe from hearing me whine about how I get no sleep for a while. OH HO HA HA NOOOO. It seems we're all taking turns on the No Sleep Merry-go-round. One night it's Elijah (ok so like 21 nights it was Elijah. But we won't hold it against him because he's a baby), the next it's Syd, then it's ME. Is there such a thing as a 3-year-old sleep regression? Or a 31-year-old sleep regression? BAH.

I really did think that after both kids woke up at 5-ish in the morning (that was Wed) that I was due for a break. But apparently I was WRONG because my daughter woke up at THREE on Thursday morning and was all "Hi Mom! I'm not tired! Let's go out front!" to which I responded by poking my eye out with a fork. For the next two hours until she finally fell back asleep. At least her brother slept all night … I cannot imagine dealing with both of them at that ungodly hour. When I called in to preschool a few hours later to say there was no way under heaven I would be able to work my day that day (but could my kid please come anyway?! PLEASE?!) I was delighted to learn that it was not in fact my day to work. Finally caught a break.

This is the part where I should have dropped her off at preschool and then turned my butt around, put Elijah in his exersaucer by my bed and taken a freaking nap. Emphasis on SHOULD HAVE. Instead I went to Target and then Costco (which actually? Was kind of unbelievably easy with only one kid, especially when it's the one kid who cannot demand anything – ie "I WANNA SAMPLES MAMA!" – with his words yet. BLISS!). Then I came home and cleaned my house and got ready to welcome our neighbors for our weekly barbeque. (Right around this time my dishwasher DIED. IT DIED. This has nothing to do with anything but guys? Mother nature is going to hate me by the end of the weekend because Mama hates hand-washing dishes so paper plates it is!!). And then! Syd didn't nap! All day! She might be part robot guys, I'm not sure anymore! I'm sure when they arrived our friends probably thought I'd gone all 1950's desperate housewife, sipping out of the cooking sherry while I made dinner, but NO. This is your brain on no sleep. By that time I was in PHYSICAL PAIN.

And so then? You'd think I'd drop into bed last night like a sack of bricks. But of course I got something on my mind right before I got into bed and it kept me awake for hours. HOURS. I awoke this morning with a sore jaw from grinding my teeth all night (and also? I had a weird dream that I was Dooce's babysitter. She had a house the size of a shopping mall, her kids put THEMSELVES to bed [for real, Leta read ME a story], I met a very kind Japanese lady who fed me a large bowl of noodles, then a man stopped me in the hall for my "photo shoot" and I locked myself in a bathroom and took a shower before he could take my photo. DUDES. I need to lay off the cookies before bed).

ANYWAY, I had a point to all this. Elijah is hard to get to sleep at night, even when he's not going through a sleep regression or teething. Last night before I got myself into bed I had to get the baby into bed. Which was really, really hard because I was so very tired. He would appear to be totally asleep and every time I tried to lay him down his eyes would pop open and I'd have to start all over. FIVE tries and then I gave up and John stepped in and got him to sleep. BUT! A week or so ago I read this article by AskMoxie (a godsend from my friend Arwen) about babies who are tension-increasers vs. tension-releasers. If you have a baby who DOES NOT cry-it-out it will help you SO MUCH mentally. Sydney was a tension-releaser as a baby, in other words, she would cry for a few minutes and fall asleep. Elijah on the other hand just gets himself MORE worked up by crying and needs to be rocked or nursed to sleep; he's a tension-increaser. But I didn't know this until I read the article. I spent a lot of time being frustrated until I figured out what was going on and I wanted to pass it on. It's totally genius.

So. Let's raise our coffee mugs to the day in 15 or so years when we CANNOT get them out of bed. SIGH.


Here here!

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2 thoughts on “No sleep till Brooklyn

  1. Larmar says:

    I’m so excited for the day when I have to pull the kids out of bed. So excited. 5:30 am is our regular wake-up call. It SUCKS.

  2. Jessica says:

    That article helped me a LOT when my daughter was a baby. She’s a tension releaser and it helped me finally see CIO wasn’t torture for her – it was what she needed. When I finally just put her down everybody got to sleep.

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