Marital bliss

On Saturday John and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Grandma and Papa came over and watched our goobers and we went to Houston's. 

*Insert photo of me and the Mr. looking dapper here. We looked HAWT! But we did not take a photo. Because we are not in the habit of having our photo taken together as we hustle out the door cheering "STEAK!"*

Anyway, the man had me in tears at dinner. You guys? He is the sweetest thing. He lavishes praise on me. He never misses an opportunity to tell me how much he appreciates all I do at home and with our children (and that I'm doing a good job, even!). He tells me constantly that I'm beautiful and sexy and he's so glad we're married. He calls me best friend, soul mate, "his girl." And then he really brings out the big guns on special dates! He had me weeping over our appetizer and the poor lady at the table across from us had to put her leftover bag on the table in front of her face to shield herself from all the crying and smooching.

So I'm sure it's no surprise when I say that I've loved him since nearly the day I met him. I never, ever regret marrying him. It's without a doubt one of the things I was born to do in this life.


It must be said, however, that since we are married, we fight about dumb things and/or I get mad about things that really aren't worth it. I would now like to enter for evidence our most recent scuffle (YESTERDAY): The Case of the Broken DVD Player.

The DVD player in our bedroom has been dying for a few months. Sometimes when you turn it on it fires right up, other times it says there is "no signal" and you have to fiddle with it until you can get Netflix up for streaming so you (by you I mean I) can take a shower while someone (by someone I mean Syd because the kid NEVER naps anymore) watches a show. Finally yesterday it died. No amount of fiddling or jiggling could resolve the issue. Syd watched Diego on my laptop while I showered and afterward I finally unplugged the thing and put it in the car so I could return it to Best Buy.

And, no, I did not remember the remote. Which is important, apparently. 

So while I had a window of about 45 minutes between the end of church and dinner time yesterday I decided I was just going to bang the job out. I had the kids loaded in the car, we were out, and I NEEDED that DVD back in working condition ASAP. I've become accustomed to showering daily (I know. SPOILED). We bought the replacement thingie at Best Buy and we've replaced about a million small electronics that have gone haywire just past their one-year manufacturer's warranty's expiration so I know the drill. I went to the store and handled all my business (had them look up the item and print out the receipt saying exactly how much we'd paid, etc), got up to the checkout and get the news that they cannot exchange my broken DVD player for a new one without the remote.

Well CRAP.

And of course my phone is totally dead.

And of course I try to call my husband on his phone from the store's phone and this is apparently the one time his phone is not glued to his hand and he misses it. 

So I take my phone to the car and it's totally brick-dead and does that thing where it's plugged in but still has to charge for 10 mins before you can make a call. At that point I just load the kids up and start heading home. And of course halfway home my phone lights up and my husband has gotten my message and is telling me he can run the remote right over but it's too late! And the little people are whining in the back! So! See you in a minute AT HOME!

But as I'm driving I start getting that itch. That half-done project itch. I have already wasted an hour of my life at this stupid Best Buy and then shot myself in the foot and the job isn't even done! CRAP! That's stupid! It's at this point I just needed to quit. But NO! I get the idea that I can just send my husband back to the store with the DVD player, receipt AND remote. He then can walk up to the service desk and make the exchange with no problem!

And of course? The tune of the whining in the back seat goes like this: "Mama! I can't wanna go home!" Which is when I get the brilliant idea of just sending Syd on an adventure with Daddy to get her out of my hair while I get her brother fed and ready for bed. I think I am SO brilliant!

Just to save you the suspense: I am not.

An hour later my husband comes home looking like a punching bag, with the wrong DVD player … a DVD player that is $40 less than the fancy-pants (broken) one we originally bought. Sydney was a total mess at the store, which I guess distracted him (he's already not really detail-oriented when it comes to things like this. Which are not that important, I'll admit it). He didn't look at the receipt I'd had printed out on my previous visit, and also did not bother showing it to anyone apparently. He also got totally hassled at the service desk. You guys? I GOT SO PISSED OFF. I cannot even explain what came over me. Maybe it was that I was frustrated with myself for forgetting the remote. Maybe I was frustrated that my phone was dead. Maybe I was frustrated that he'd missed my (2) calls from Best Buy's land line. That I'd dragged the kids over there, loaded them in the stroller, done all that dang work and STILL hadn't finished the job, that I still had (technically) NO DVD player and therefore NO shower the next day. Maybe it was because the employees at Best Buy took it upon themselves to hassle the hell out of a family that has spent literally thousands of dollars at their store OVER A REMOTE. Maybe it was because it was the end of the day and I was just SHOT. I don't know. But I LOST IT. And I stayed mad for like an hour. At John. Because he did not do it MY WAY. And justice WAS NOT DONE.

That makes total sense.

(I have plans to drag my children back to Best Buy today and tear someone a new one if I don't get my way.)


This is the part of this where I am supposed to have some sort of tie-it-all-together parting thought, huh? 

All I can think of is that I'm glad the poor man married me. I get accolades and a fancy dinner one day and the very next I tear his head off over a stupid DVD player. And he keeps sticking with me. Even though I am a giant horse's ass.

It is no wonder I have loved him a third of my life.

And I will love him every day I have left.


(on the eve of our wedding, July 2004)


6 thoughts on “Marital bliss

  1. Hillary says:

    Awww, happy anniversary. Makes me glad to know I’m not the only who can love my husband fiercely and still rip him a new one over nothing sometimes.

  2. Shannon says:

    Oh you are so not alone on this one. I also get unreasonably upset at my not-so-detail-oriented husband for less than important reasons. And yet I too feel so ridiculously lucky to have him as my husband. Guess we’re just fortunate. Happy anniversary!

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