We did it.

Tuesday was Sydney's first day of preschool. She NAILED IT.



The drop off was no big deal. I had to ask for a hug and kiss goodbye and she was off with a "Bye Mama!" I sat in the parking lot afterward and looked at the photos on my camera before I drove off. I wanted to cry but I didn't. I knew she would do awesome and was already having a blast. FORESHADOWING RIGHT THERE.

And after:


When I asked Sydney if going to school made her feel happy her immediate response was an enthusiastic "YES!"

Then I asked her what at school made her feel happy: "NOT the shovel." (a little boy snagged the teacher's metal shovel and attempted to shovel her bare foot when I was there picking her up. Yeah, that wouldn't make me feel happy either.)

"But Sydney, what made you feel HAPPY at school?"

"The see-saw!"

There ya go!

And just like her mother, Sydney already has a "rep" at school. When I was in the parking lot waiting for the minutes to tick down until it was time to pick her up (I missed her OKAY?) I saw her fly by the gate in her underwear. I waved to a parent I knew and he remarked "Well, let's see how the first day went!" and I told him I'd just seen my daughter run by in her underpants so I was betting on "fun!" Little did I know that my daughter had spent some time that morning painting that very man's daughter blue. PAINTING HER BLUE. I guess they were over in the outdoor painting area and a parent looked away for a moment and then looked back … and they were painting each other blue. They checked in to see if anyone was being victimized, and NOPE! Just enjoying painting each other blue! Well have fun then, kiddos! (I told you it was a hippie-dippy school!) You can see the blue paint residue on Syd's neck in the photo above. Her little friend, however? Had to be stripped down and given a BATH in the outdoor sink before she could get in the car to go home.

OOPS. And? In our family we GO BIG.

And yes, she was way too amped to nap afterward. An HOUR (plus) of Super LOUD SINGING in her bed was "rest time." BAH.

p.s. We got into the MWF class so this week as we transition Syd gets to go to school EVERY DAY! I'm still working my day on Thursday. Beer me a brownie please and thank you.


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