Up to speed.

The last few weeks have been a wonderful sort of blur.

First of all, my sister GOT MARRIED!


Guys, it is the most precious story. The short version is that they have been planning a big fancy wedding for May but just couldn't wait to get married. So they did!! They decided on a Sunday (Mike's birthday, Sept. 25) to get married the following Friday Sept. 30. We packed up the kids on Thursday night, the following Friday John married them under the Colorado aspens as they burst out in yellow bloom, and the next day we flew home. There is much more to say, but I am so proud of my little sister and so thankful for my new brother, and so HAPPY to announce their marriage!!

And then! We flew to Chicago last Thursday to be with John as he worked the Chicago Marathon with Team World Vision. I also have LOTS to say about being back in the city of my formative years, the marathon, Team World Vision and the four runners who ran ONE HUNDRED MILES to get kids in Africa sponsors, meeting professional athletes, clean water projects and LOTS OF THINGS. But what I must tell you is that my boy? My baby? My little boyfriend?

Turned one on Sunday.


ONE. I just can't believe it. How is it possible that just over a year ago I was doing this?

I have a million posts I want to write about all of these things, but I also have two wild children (one of whom is teething! whee!) with jacked up sleep schedules. So … we'll chat soon.


(psst! You also might have missed my recycled t-shirt scarf post over on Style Lush. It's worth a gander. I've discovered the easiest, most-rewarding DIY project EVER.)


2 thoughts on “Up to speed.

  1. Jessica says:

    Is that the same sweater you wore at your wedding?

    My SIL did the same thing with her wedding – they called us on a Monday and asked if we could come watch them get married a week from that coming Friday. They were married by a friend of theirs in their back yard.

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