This boy.


Is a mama's boy.

Adores his older sister.

His favorite word (and buddy!) is Dada.

Loves to give high fives and clap.

Dances and bops to music without hesitation.

Crawls lightning-fast, cruises furniture, and loves to climb everything. Would climb right out of grocery carts and the bathtub if left to his own devices.

Wears 18m-sized clothes.

LOVES the toilet. You want to see a baby crawl fast? Then leave the bathroom door open.





Don't worry we washed him in bleach after this. I KID. About the bleach. He got a good scrubbing right after.

He has the sweetest, most laid-back personality. As long as someone's holding him (especially a lady … he loves ALL ladies of all ages, shapes and varieties), he's happy. He is content to chill in his high chair, in his car seat, in the stroller, in the Ergo. Loves to hang on the floor and play with his toys and is totally willing to OCCUPY HIMSELF. It's amazing! He really only gets ticked off if he's hungry, tired, is teething or has a poopie diaper.

Speaking of ticked, he still nurses twice a day and is going to be weaned cold turkey this weekend when I head to The Blathering. Say a little prayer for Grandma and Daddy because homeboy is probably NOT going to be a big fan of this (and nope! He won't take a bottle or a paci and never has!). And while you're at it, say a little prayer for all my buddies at The Blathering, cause Mama's probably going to be a straight-up hormonal, emotional WRECK.

He loves our doggies and gently pats who ever will stay still … mostly Bubba.

He's a hugger and a snuggler.


with Yaya.

We are still not sure what color his eyes are! Right now they're dark blue around the edges with brown and green in the middle around his pupils. My guess is that they'll turn out green.

We all agree he looks just like Mama, lips and all. Sorry kid.

He has more hair than any baby I've ever met. He's already had two haircuts and he needs a third … although we kinda love his current "Bieber" hair.


He eats A LOT. Even though he feeds himself finger foods he still needs to be topped off with baby food! For instance, he'll eat an entire waffle, half a banana and some cereal or puffs and STILL eat a container of yogurt, a container of oatmeal, and a container of fruit. He's also drinking whole milk and water out of a sippy cup (this is the only one he'll tolerate so far).

Has the brightest smile and the cutest dimples. IMG_4679

Loves to "talk" and "sing" and has the sweetest, cutest babble-voice.

Takes a lot of guff from his sister but lately has been dishing it back. WE ARE SO PROUD.

Oh this boy. This amazing, wonderful one-year-old (SOB!) boy about whom I do not write enough. Our little "Boo" who is the calm to his sister's wild, untamed storm. We are so blessed every day by this sweet little life. And so thankful he fought so hard to get here.







We love you!


2 thoughts on “This boy.

  1. amanda says:

    My goodness, he is one handsome fella! You children are gorge! Happy Birthday to the little man 🙂

  2. Elsha says:

    What a doll! I especially love that picture of the two of them on the couch. So sweet!

    Also, I have a friend who weaned one of her kids the way you’re about to. Dropped him off with grandma for the weekend and when she asked, “Is he weaned?” my friend said, “He is now.” Turned out alright I think.

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