The Blathering: I came, I saw, I barfed, I conquered, I loved you all.

I wish I could choose a favorite story to tell you about my weekend in Austin at The Blathering.

Maybe I should start with how I totally stuck my foot in my mouth when I tried to flatter a woman sitting next to me on the plane who had just told me she had a 22-year-old child by asking if she was a teen mom. SHE WAS.

Or maybe I should tell you about how I spent my night on Thursday night barfing my guts out thanks to food poisoning and how Regan saved the day with her Zofran and I totally (mostly) RALLIED!

I would definitely mention how I scored my husband an amazing vintage electric typewriter while out shopping on Saturday. And then? Realized that on my first trip in a LONG time without children I'd bought something I'd have to lug home that weighed roughly the same as my two children COMBINED.


I want to tell you ALL the crazy things we talked about at dinner at Z'Tejas and how hard we laughed and how much crazy, crazy fun it was (and the queso definitely had BACON in it. WIN!).

I think I would like to tell you about how wonderful it was to see my friends, how much I loved making new friends and finally meeting people I already knew so well online.

I would love to tell you about how I was chatting with some people in the backyard of the Blathering House on Friday night and looked into the room from outside and saw women hugging and having fun and making new friends and thought YES! This is it! This is why we do this! So that EVERYONE can make friends in this way!


But mostly I want to tell you that it was awesome, and everyone was so beautiful inside and out and no one was a disappointment. And that it really doesn't get any better. So, thank you. Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for being My People.


14 thoughts on “The Blathering: I came, I saw, I barfed, I conquered, I loved you all.

  1. Erica says:

    I fully intend on making up for my forced abstinence from all things delicious and/or boozy next year, so maybe I will take over barfing duties for you.

  2. Lauren says:

    It was so, so great to officially meet you. It was so funny– when I walked in on Friday, I thought, “Oh, there’s Manda. But I’ve already met her of course.” AND I TOTALLY HADN’T. But I’m glad reality has caught up with my perception. You’re just as wonderful in person as in the computer!

  3. Elsha says:

    It was awesome indeed. Pretty much all of us could post recaps that say: this weekend was the best. And really, what else do we need to say?

  4. Raven says:

    Now we just have to make a commune thing happen. We will be the first blogging cult of ladies.


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