Bah humbug Halloween

I don't know about you guys, but I am ready for October to be over. I traveled three weekends this month (twice with kids!), got the stomach flu, both kids got sick at the same time, there was a preschool field trip … I could go on, but I am too busy eating all the Kit Kats and enjoying the last of the monster nap both kids are taking after the preschool harvest festival this morning (which also? Nearly killed me. I am SO TIRED myself. GAH.)


Sydney is going to be "Mama" for Halloween.

(just kidding she's a monkey. As she insisted she must be.)


(and a wild monkey she is. I had to wash her costume after school this morning so it could be worn again this evening. DUDE.)

And Elijah's a dinosaur.


(a very wiggly dinosaur indeed)

I am thankful that our neighbors invited us over for (what is sure to be FANTASTIC, as my neighbor-homegirl is a outstanding cook) a bolognese spaghetti dinner and trick-or-treating. I am bringing caramel pie and wearing my fat jeans. Looking forward to spending the night with my husband, our kids and our friends. November 1 was my dad's birthday and tomorrow he would have been 59. My parents married on Valentine's Day, he died a few days after July 4 … many holidays just aren't my favorite anymore.

But I won't be turning up my nose at any candy this year. No siree bob.


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