MERRY CHRISTMAS! (hey look this blog is just like Target!)

Disclosure: I am receiving 50 free holiday cards to write about Tiny Prints. 

Guys? Part of the reason I got my hair did on Saturday is because I have been planning on hiring a photographer friend of mine to take some family photos of us for this year's card. We always have a photo card and usually a Christmas letter too (no dice last year, was up to my eyeballs in tiny baby). Sometimes Mama and Daddy make it in the card, sometimes not.

Here's last year's photo:


Matching Christmas jammie buddies (and hastily snapped on my iPhone to boot!) for the WIN!

This year I have decided that I'd like to include the whole family in the photo, hence my efforts to get a decent haircut. FOILED in that department but ONWARD HO! I am still committed to getting a decent shot of the four of us for the card. Once that's done, it becomes a matter of choosing.

I have a few very flexible Christmas card rules:

1. Must say "Merry Christmas." Now listen, I am not a jerkface who insists on wishing all my Jewish and athiest friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS STUFF IT DOWN YO CHIMNEY! But our family celebrates Christmas, and that's what we prefer.

2. That being said? Even though we are Christians who celebrate Christmas as a reminder of the birth of Christ, I don't really like the cards that are all "Jesus is the reason for the season!" Yes, on the one hand, that is why our family celebrates Christmas. BUT! Again with the SHOVE IT DOWN YO CHIMNEY! Not my style. Merry Christmas is forthright enough in my humble opinion.

3. That reminds me: No santas. Also? No snowmen or snowflakes. Because I live in California and that would be DUMB.

4. I prefer modern and/or retro fonts and styles (vs. traditional green and red with flowy gold script). I am usually drawn to collages (just two or three photos. I mean come on! Sometimes you need an extra shot of my child doing something like this:


right next to the lovely posed photo, don't you agree America!?).

Ahem. So, short of the perfect photo of the four of us (does it exist?! Time will soon tell! And my short hair will be forever immortalized on my mom's fridge where no one is looking at me anyway because MARSHMALLOW FACE IN YO CHIMNEY!) I am closing in on our Christmas card!

Here are a few of the contenders (check out all the fun options here!):

Merry Intent

Christmas Cards Merry Intent - Front : Winterberry

Colorful Letters

Christmas Cards Colorful Letters - Front : Tomato

(bonus points if I can get Syd to look like she's yelling in our photo. Shouldn't be a problem!)

Banner of Dreams

Christmas Cards Banner of Dreams - Front : White

Retro Wishes

Christmas Cards Retro Wishes - Front : Wave

Sweet Watercolor

Christmas Cards Sweet Watercolor - Front : Evergreen

(love the options with the retro script and rounded corners!)

Neon Noel

Christmas Cards Neon Noel - Front : White

(and admittedly this one doesn't say "Merry Christmas" but how BRILLIANT is that bonus photo of the family pet in the "o"?! Oh my WORD!)

Crafted Nativity

Christmas Cards Crafted Nativity - Front : Chocolate

(and dangit if I don't love this nativity card. I DO! So! Jury's still out on SHOVE IT DOWN YO CHIMNEY!)

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? I was all NO! TOO SOON! when I saw the "Merry Christmas" signs at Target on Halloween day. But then Starbucks Christmas cups came out and suddenly I was in the mood for an eggnog latte and I got one and it was so FESTIVE! And suddenly I'm contemplating tree placement and how I'm going to decorate the mantel.

Do you have Christmas card "rules"? I'm so curious about what your preferences are. If you're a Christian do you insist on a religious card? Are you "Happy Holidays" all the way? Photos? No photos? Extremely long Christmas letter?

(if you have a blog you can sign up to write about Tiny Prints on your blog and get 50 free cards too!)

I'm pretty sure I have to now incorporate "SHOVE IT DOWN YO CHIMNEY!" in our card. Wonder what my husband's 96-year-old grandpa will think about that one?


8 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS! (hey look this blog is just like Target!)

  1. melissa says:

    I completely agree. I typically put Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on our cards, if both fit. I think I’ve done Happy Holidays once and it felt wrong.

    Also every year up until now we’ve been rushing around at the last minute trying to think of gift ideas and get everything ready. This year I vowed to be done and ready in November. So I’ve been ok with all the Christmas stuff because it reminds me of my goal. I’m going to win this year.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I like the “shove it down yo chimney” mantra you’ve got going on. It’s like a little homage to Santa without putting reindeer and red coats on your Christmas cards.
    I prefer Merry Christmas as well and pretty much loved all of the picks you outlined above. The tough part is deciding. And getting a non-blurry, non-double-chinned, everyone’s-eyes-are-open family picture. Oy.

  3. Elsha says:

    I’m with you, I like the cards to say Merry Christmas, but it doesn’t need to be all churchy. I’m still in the process of picking my favorite card. Partly because I’m still in the process of decided just how many pictures of my kids all my relatives need on one card.

  4. Miranda says:

    I usually go with Happy Holidays, but I’m not opposed to Merry Christmas. (I think last year’s was a Merry Christmas card.) We have gone with family photo and just a kid photo and I’m undecided for this year. On the one hand, its our last year just the 3 of us but on the other hand I’m about the size of a house and I’m not sure there is room on a card for my stomach AND my family.

    I totally don’t do the letter thing. I’d drive myself crazy.

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