FINALLY! Books giveaway winner, vol. 2

HELLO! I am back from the dead (aka the stomach flu, oh yes I DID totally get it and got stranded in bed all of Friday Nov. 18 and Saturday Nov. 19 and didn't feel like myself until the following Monday, upon which I went totally crazy doing errands and laundry trying to get us four packed for our Thanksgiving trip and John packed for Africa. Can you say chicken with her head cut off??!).

And so! I am sure you are wondering who won Eat, Pray, Love and The Time Traveler's Wife, aren't you? I am! It was …


Commenter #5! Julie! Who enjoys snuggling on the couch with her dog when she feels crappy.

Julie? You must have a lovely, well-behaved, non-stinky dog. Because when I'm sick? The last thing I want to do is get anywhere near this dude:


Can you blame me?!

Congrats Julie! I'll email you shortly to get your address.

And don't forget to enter the giveway for an alphabet print of your choice from Secret Agent Josephine! The contest is open until tomorrow (November 30) at midnight (PST). Click over and drop a comment on that post to enter. Best of luck!!

(And by the way, I remembered that ramen noodles are one of the few foods I can tolerate after the stomach flu. I lived on them for a few days along with peanut butter toast. And I lost ten pounds in 4 days! OUCH!)

p.s. Colleen from Canada? If you're out there, please email me with your info! The email address you used on the blog isn't working. If I don't hear from you in a few days I'll re-draw for a new winner. Thanks!


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