We care. And so we run.

John and I ran a 5K together yesterday and it was my fastest yet … 33 minutes and 29 seconds. He pushed Elijah in the stroller and yelled encouragement over his shoulder to me as I groaned and huffed and puffed and stumbled along after him.

But I'm going forward. One foot in front of another.

The support keeps rolling in. Yesterday's tally was $171.20.

One person at a time, we are saving lives. Three more people will now have clean water!

I am so humbled and so blown away. THANK YOU. Your continued support and encouragement means so much.


Thumbs up! You guys are amazing!

Let's keep going. Let's get seventeen more. And then? Let's change an entire continent.

Click here to join the team and save lives with clean water, one at a time.

$26.20 enters you in the raffle for the Africa Love necklace and gets you a t-shirt scarf! And now, thanks to my friend Elizabeth from Princess Nebraska, we have another raffle prize! After the necklace winner is drawn, I will draw again and someone will win a flat-rate box full of home grown Meyer Lemons! Thank you Elizabeth!!

$50? Provides one person with clean water for the rest of their life. We can do this. We ARE doing this.

p.s. Don't forget to email me your address information so I can mail you your t-shirt scarves!! Thanks! I can be reached at insidedog {AT} gmail {dot} com

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