With a lot of help from my friends.

My friend A'Dell wrote about Team World Vision and clean water on her blog Tuesday. I am so honored that she would mention what we're doing here and voice her support. I don't know if you know A'Dell, but I want to say that she's one of those people who is the same in real life as she is on her blog. She's honest, direct, and discerning. She is one of MY PEOPLE.


(l to r: Emily, Me & A'Dell, in a photo I blatantly stole from A'Dell)

When ever there is an injustice, I always think of A'Dell because I know she will NOT stand for it. She is always looking out for people. She is, in the truest sense, A Mama Bear. Do NOT mess with A'Dell or A'Dell's family or friends. What I'm trying to say? Is that this is one of the people in life that I truly respect. And what she wrote about me on her blog means the world to me, especially since she lived in Kenya and has seen what I am telling you about first hand.

A'Dell took a moment to point out that World Vision gets a four star ranking on Charity Navigator. I really appreciated that because this is one of the things that I love about World Vision: the overhead is extremely low and so 85 cents on the dollar makes it to the field. In my experience, this organization is very responsible with every penny that comes in. They constantly evaluate budgets, they search high and low for the best deals on everything from air travel to sweatshirts with their logo. It is truly is a mission. 

I am writing about A'Dell as an example of how proud I am to share this mission with my friends. That is YOU, by the way. So many have linked to these blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. So many have donated (and some of you have even begged off a t-shirt scarf! I refuse!! You shall have your t-shirt scarves and I wish they were fancier!). You have commented on these posts and emailed me with encouragement that just fills my heart with joy and hope. I am so proud of what we are doing. I am humbled every day by the blessed life I live. I am married to my best friend and I have two healthy, beautiful (spirited!!) children. My husband is gainfully employed, we have a nice place to live, and we can pay our bills on time. And to top it all off? We have amazing family and friends who support us at every turn. Who jump on board and give us high fives and open their pockets without hesitation. God has richly blessed us in so many ways. I am so thankful that we can give back and we can do it as a team.

Click here to join the team and donate for clean water.

How get a free t-shirt scarf and to enter to win the Africa Love necklace and a box of Meyer lemons!


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One thought on “With a lot of help from my friends.

  1. A'Dell says:

    This makes me sound like a mobster! HA! “Do not mess with A’Dell!”

    (But…seriously. Nobody mess with me.)

    You will raise that money and you will run those miles and I just might fly out to the finish line to hug you when you’re done. You’re awesome.

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