Eternal math


On Saturday I ran seven miles (if you watched my video on Monday – without getting totally motion sick, that is!! – you already know this). I still cannot believe how good I felt and how awesome my run was! I know that a lot of it has to do with the fact that when I checked my email on my phone at the midway point on my run (and let me say for the record I am not THAT addicted to the internet, I checked my email specifically to see if there had been any donation activity) and saw that someone had made a $250 donation. I flew uphill, into the wind, and floated back those 3.5 miles, you guys. FIVE MORE PEOPLE received the gift of clean water for life. Unbelievable.


Thumbs up from a Super Dork who ran to the ocean on Saturday!

So far we have raised $1932.00 for clean water. That's 38 children, women, and men who will no longer have to walk 6-8 hours in order to fetch the water they need to live. That's 38 families who will have the opportunity to escape the threats that contaminated water bring:

Cholera. A severe bacterial infection that causes extreme diarrhea and vomiting. Transmitted through contaminated drinking water.

Giardia. A highly contagious parasite that causes severe diarrhea and dehydration, and often kills babies and toddlers in a developing country like Africa.

Typhoid. Attacks with heavy sweating, diarrhea, and sustained high fever that can lead to delirium and cause death.

One in six people around the world has NO access to safe water. According to researchers, well over half of all childhood deaths are connected to dirty water.

But no more in the lives of 38. You have done that. Thank you.

Today was supposed to be the last day to donate $10 or more and be elligible to win the African Love necklace or the box of lemons. But you know what? I'm extending the deadline until this Friday, December 16. My goal was that we'd be able to get clean water for 40 people by Christmas (and we are already ONLY TWO PEOPLE SHORT of that goal!), but you know what? That's not enough anymore.

My new goal is that two people would receive clean water today. And that by Christmas day? Our total would be 50 people.

And then?

By the time I run the marathon on March 18? I want that number to be at 100.

Remember, every single person who donates $26.20 or more will receive a handmade t-shirt scarf. You can donate up until Friday at midnight to enter the raffle for the necklace and lemons (I will announce the winners on Saturday, Dec. 17), but the t-shirt scarf giveaway is ongoing through the marathon. It's the least I can do to thank you for your support and encouragement as I run these races with Team World Vision. But if you want your scarf before Christmas, please be sure to get your donation in by Friday so I can mail it on Saturday!

All it takes is $50 to change the course of someone's life. Any little bit helps.

And that's the kind of math that lasts. I can run along behind that.

Click here to donate.


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