The cart before the horse

Have you ever run with a jogging stroller? It is a challenge like no other. Not only do you have to pack it just so, not too heavy but with the essentials, you have to keep your kids entertained.

Hey! Squeezable yogurt! Great idea!


Oh wait.


(and yes I forgot the baby wipes that day)


(on the long runs, Daddy does the pushing. Sometimes I wish I could fit in there too)


Mama up ahead in orange.

And sometimes? When you're on mile 4-ish and you can't bear stopping ONE MORE TIME? You defeatedly pass over your iPhone and let your 3-year-old go wild. And this is what you get:

Running with a stroller is hard. It's heavy. Your kids throw things over the side. They pinch each other. You have to stop. Give snacks. Wipe noses. Push it up hills. Hold onto it for dear life as it drags you down inclines.

But when you're running with a stroller your mind cannot help but wander to the children in Africa who walk for 6-8 hours a day carrying a 40-pound jug of water. The miles that they cover under heavy burden is nothing compared to the slick ride of our fancy stroller.

And we care about that. So we run.

It is hard for me to accept sometimes how easy it is to do something. All I have to do is pack my kids up in a stroller and run a few miles. Ask a few people to sponsor me. And for just $50 one person's need for clean water can be eliminated.

Click here to donate. And don't forget! Everyone who donates $26.20 or more gets a free recycled t-shirt scarf!


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