Send help. And brownies.

SO! Our schedule is all out of whack over here. My "spare" time is now spent running. If I can drag myself up out of bed at 7, and if I've prearranged with John, I can usually get out to run for an hour or so of marathon training. Mondays and Thursdays I usually have a 5-ish mile run. Tuesdays is a mid-length run at 6, 8, or 10 miles, then long runs with my running group (which has been pared down to 3-5 people since the half marathon ended) on Saturday. Last week we ran 18 miles. EIGHTEEN. Which is my explanation for why I have not run a single step since Saturday. For the first time in my training I have totally blown off running (but hey! That means I can write something!). And I will probably regret that as we have a 14-miler tomorrow.

Sydney has been officially "kicked out" of the jogging stroller during runs. A few weeks ago (on a Thursday, I think) I loaded up the kids and tried to run 5 miles. I gave her the iPad and 100 snacks and we still stopped 85 times in the first mile and a half, after which I was so frustrated that I just gave up and walked. This – added to the fact that she weighs about 36 pounds and makes the stroller extremely heavy – has put me in an awful predicament: I have to get up early to go on a run by myself.

This is really hard for me, because of this other flaw in our schedule which I shall refer to as "quiet time." Syd went through a phase after the holidays died down and after she recovered from pneumonia where she just up and quit napping. And because she is widely known as the loudest preschooler in all the land, and also is a kid who has a REALLY hard time entertaining herself because she is super social (just like her daddy!) (hi daddy!), her brother thus did not nap for nearly two weeks.

Let me just pause so this can sink in. No child napped in my house for nearly TWO WEEKS. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

For a three-and-a-half year old? That's probably ok. They start dropping naps at around this age and ok! That's fine. Normal. Whatever. But for my 15-month-old? No can do. It's already bad enough that he has never, ever napped twice in a day. You see, his sister is TOO LOUD and impossible to keep quiet and out of trouble while I rock a "special needs" sleeper in the other room. That's right! My youngest needs a perfectly quiet and dark situation to go to bed. I TRIED. I failed. And so everyone just took a massive nap after lunch and all was well. For a while.

And then all hell broke loose and well, measures had to be taken. I would like to also add that during this time Elijah developed a preference for Daddy. He would throw an insane baby tantrum if I tried to rock him to sleep at night or for a nap. DUDE. MAMA BE SCREWED HERE.

So. It was demanded that John be here to rock Elijah to sleep after lunch. Boom, done. I cannot believe how freaking easy that problem was to solve. Not that my husband had, like, work to do or something. OH WELL. Naptime must be honored!

And then there was the whole issue of my preschooler, who like clockwork was melting down at 5:30 every evening. Just in time for dinner! She would weep and moan through her meal and bathtime, then be in bed asleep at 6:30. Which sucked for everyone. What about our quality of life, huh? SO. My big plan was that John would put the baby down and I would "hang out" in Sydney's room with her for "rest time." I had a book and my phone with me on one of the beds in her room (we have two twin beds in her room), and she could read or futz around with her dolls on her bed. But I would IGNORE her, and she was not allowed to leave the room.

The first day she was all: "MOM. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" for about 20 minutes. I ignored her until she climbed up on my bed and jumped on me and hurt me. Then her butt got kicked to her bed. Within about 15 minutes she was snoring. The next day, same thing. I got into my bed with my book, she got into her bed with her books and dolls. And about 30 minutes later? She was asleep.

The problem? So was I! And I was again the next day, and the next. We were both getting good, solid 2-3 hour naps. I NEEDED those naps. Running takes it out of me, y'all, especially when I'm getting up early to run after my daughter has been up until 9:30 the night before. I kinda started looking forward to "rest time." But, unfortunately? When my kid got a 2-3 hour nap? That meant when bedtime came she wasn't tired and she'd be up until 9:30-10, up out of her bed 1,000 times for a drink of water, to "go potty," to "ask something." BAH. No bueno, vicious cycle, etc.

So I have this problem: We are in a new routine where we have a legit nap time again (and I get time to myself sometimes even!), but I need to figure out how to limit Syd's time asleep so that she goes to BED at night, but I also need to protect her poor brother, who goes to bed EASILY no matter how long he naps. Homeboy could seriously fall asleep at 2, wake up at 5:30, eat his dinner, take his bath, play a little, and go straight back to bed at 7:30. BLESS HIM. I also need to figure out how to keep MYSELF awake at rest time, which is no small feat.

And then there's this:


Why yes. That is my dining room table.


Problems. I haz them.


One thought on “Send help. And brownies.

  1. nanette says:

    Our gal, who’s just a little younger than Syd, has similar issues in that if she naps too long, she won’t sleep at night. Naptimes are hit and miss these days, but when she was does nap, I wake her up after an hour. That seems to be the sweet spot. It’s enough for her to be rested, but she still goes down for bedtime with little protest around 7:30.

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