In which I make a pie, then bake it into a cake.

On Saturday my favorite person had a birthday.


"I'm thinking about starting a Christian speed metal band. Are ya in?"

And since he is The Best, I decided that I needed to do something Exciting! with his annual homemade birthday cake.

I've seen this whole "pie-baked-into-a-cake" thing going around the internet recently…


Also here.

And I decided this is just the kind of crazy thing we need on a birthday in our family.

(I also decided that only one layer was necessary. I'm crazy, but not that crazy!)

After a brief quiz about what his favorite pie might be (blackberry), I decided it was SO ON. So I baked a blackberry pie, from scratch. The crust and everything. Am domestic diva, obvs.


Oh, it was a pretty pie. I almost regret DUMPING it into a cake pan!

Which is what I did. You just pour a little cake batter into the bottom of a 10-inch springform pan.

(Oh! And make sure that you HAVE a 10-inch springform pan, or your ENTIRE LIFE will fall apart while you are trying to pull together the last details of your husband's birthday while he's out running errands. The pie is made in a 9-inch pie plate. I only had a 9-inch springform pan. Which I discovered right before I went to turn out the pie. TOO SMALL! Then I frantically called my neighbors, none of whom were home, to see if THEY had a 10-inch springform pan. Also, John was out running errands with Syd, and had the car with both car seats. I was home with Elijah. I all but gave up until my neighbor came home, got my message, and ran over the proper pan. DAY SAVED!)


Pie flipped, check.


Batter poured over the pie, check. Also? EEK!

And now, the tricky part. How long to bake it? I chose to bake it 49 minutes, which is what the cake mix (hey, I can't make EVERYTHING from scratch!) instructed for a bundt cake. I should have baked it much longer, because when we cut into it, there was still some uncooked batter right next to the pie. This didn't bother my husband, who is a coneissuer of all things gooey. He really liked it!


Or at least he told me he did. Because he is the best!

Happy Birthday to John, and happy pie-in-a-cake to YOU!


3 thoughts on “In which I make a pie, then bake it into a cake.

  1. Life of a Doctor's Wife says:

    First of all, I have never heard of such a thing! Secondly, your pie turned out BEAUTIFULLY – I would have had a hard time dumping it into a cake, too. Third, what a cool way to celebrate your husband!! I’m glad it worked out well.

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