Why I run.

Hey guys! I am so excited to report that $90 more was donated since Wednesday. That brings the total to $1,968.20, just $31.80 short of the goal of $2,000! I am so blown away by the support and the "atta girl"s that continue to come in as the race approaches.

The forecast has not changed: It will most likely rain and maybe HAIL.

My knee is ok. My mom and I took the kids for a little 2 mile walk/jog yesterday and it loosened up a bit as we got going.

Needless to say, I am ready to face what lies before me. I almost HOPE it rains and is cold so I can't feel my legs! Silver lining!!

Thank you for standing with me. Africa is heavy on the news right now. If you have wondered how you can help kids there, this is one way. Clean water is an inroad to so many other things, and education is one of them. When kids don't have to spend an entire day walking to fetch water, they can go to school. They don't have to venture out on roads where very real threats lie in wait: kidnappers and rapists are two of them. Providing clean water to a community drastically reduces and in some cases ELIMINATES murders, rapes, and kidnappings. The trade? Children learn to read, write, and do math. They are not held in prison by things we so often take for granted. They are empowered. They are equipped. And it begins with clean water. Amazing.

This matters. And it is a place to start. YOU can do something about it. And it only costs $50 to begin a snowball effect that is eternal.

26.2 miles? BRING IT.

This is why I run.


Donate here.


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